Recently the consensus P4P king (at one time anyway) Jon Jones failed a drug test and is now facing a 2-year suspension from the sport.  Returning PPV buy-rate king Brock Lesnar has now failed 2 drug tests stemming from his bout with Mark Hunt at UFC 200, and is also facing a 2-year suspension, though his may end his career.

We are living in a period of the sport’s history where at any moment we can find out that someone who we thought was the best at their craft, was really more of a human chemistry experiment than anything else.

Here are 6 fighters who used to be very exciting to follow, but who would be well advised to avoid USADA testing however they can.  Perhaps, like Jon Jones is rumoured to have done once, they should hide under a ring for 8 hours until the testers finally give up and leave the gym.

For the purposes of this list we have removed both Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar, seeing as they have already shown their inability to avoid USADA.

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