If You Know Burmese Boxing, You’ll Know Dave Leduc… He’s Arguably the Most Frightening Fighter on the Planet Right Now…

There’s something about the primal nature of combat sports that just drives humans crazy. Boxing and MMA are two of the world’s most popular sports right now. Even though we think we’re civilized, we still love to watch two humans face off and try to inflict physical damage upon each other.

We also keep trying to find new stripped down ways of doing it. In the United States, bare-knuckle boxing has taken off as a professional sport, while in Asia they’ve taken things one step further. Lethwei – otherwise known as Burmese bare-knuckle boxing – has taken off in the far east and there’s one man who is leading the way.

Dave Leduc is arguably the most frightening fighter on the planet right now. No Lethwei fighter is more devastating or effective than him. Watch some footage below of some of his best moments and you’ll see just how fierce he is.

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There are some brutal combat sports in Asia – like Indonesia’s Pencak Silat – but Lethwei is the scariest. It’s basically like Muay Thai, except with legal headbutts because the Burmese don’t think Muay Thai is brutal enough. Leduc is the star of the show. He explained what’s making this the most talked-about rising martial art on the planet:

“Lethwei is the most violent sport. All we do is stand in front of each other and slam our bones together. In Boxing, if there’s an accidental headbutt it’s a big deal. They even stop the fight sometimes and that’s for an accident! For Lethwei, Imagine if my sole goal is to headbutt you. If I land my head on your face, I’m drawing blood, and taking your manhood away.”

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King of Lethwei

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Dave Leduc is nicknamed ‘The Nomad’ because he’s travelled around the world to learn different martial arts. He started off kickboxing in Thailand, infamously taking part in the Prison Fight Thailand Championship. This pits inmates against professional fighters and can see prisoners’ sentences reduced.

In 2016 he was invited to take part at the 1st World Lethwei Championship in Myanmar. He destroyed undefeated national champion Too Too and won the hearts of the country. Leduc is now a superstar in Myanmar. He uses headbutts and elbows in devastating style to inflict pain on his opponent and is an excellent trash talker.

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There’s no doubt that Leduc is an absolute monster when he fights. He takes part in Lethwei because of the ability to use everything. There is no more complete striking system on the planet. Leduc explained to Muay Thai Guy:

“I chose Lethwei and not another combat sport because I can use all 9 limbs, all body as a weapon. I’ve thrown many headbutts, but I’m still waiting for my first headbutt KO.”

Time will tell whether or not Lethwei takes off in the western world as quickly as it has in the east – it’s established a huge following in Japan – but one thing is for sure, an ambassador like Leduc is sure to help them go even further.

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