Wow, Mike Tyson knows how to rally the troops

It’s no secret that former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson loves mixed martial arts. He’s stated many times that he would have competed had it been around when he was younger. Now long retired, Tyson has become very involved with the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is without a doubt the biggest MMA organization on the globe. With the best fighters and biggest events year round, the UFC has established itself as one of the top attractions in any sports fan’s calender.

So where exactly does Tyson fit in with this topic?

Conor McGregor with Mike Tyson

Present at many UFC events, the former world heavyweight boxing KO artists and champ has also been making appearances on the Ultimate Fighter reality TV series. The MMA based TV show started 11 years ago, and today is actually the 11 year anniversary of the first season’s finale.

You’ll remember that Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar fought during a wild three round brawl in the first season’s final. It really brought the spotlight on to the UFC and mixed martial arts as a whole.


Those classic TUF fights were viewed by millions, but one video you may not have seen was never aired by the UFC during the season in question, and featured Mike Tyson giving a wicked motivational speech…

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