Uriah Hall

Uriah Hall is a prime example of just how bad things get when an otherwise healthy fighter attempts an extreme weight cut and pushes their body to it’s breaking point.

Hall had such a tough time cutting weight for his fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC Fight Night 124 in 2018 that made his mind up to just settle for coming in heavy and paying a fine.

However, he then refocused on making weight and got down to 185.6lbs – just below the limit in time for weigh-ins.

Hall was exhausted but forced himself to take the elevator down to be officially measured on the scales, but en-route he suddenly collapsed twice in short succession.

When he awoke again Hall remembers being unable to keep his balance as an EMT desperately tried to get a needle into him.

Some time later he again came too begging for water, before against passing out.

In the end it would emerge that Hall had suffered from acute kidney failure, a slight heart attack and a mini-seizure, with doctor’s suggesting that even if he’d successfully made weight, he could have died if he’d attempted to fight the next night.

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