Nick Diaz is BACK But Who Can He Fight?

Exciting News for the UFC as Nick Diaz Can Return to Action from Next Week! But Who Should he Fight?

Nick Diaz will officially be cleared by USADA next week. He’s accepted a one-year suspension after missing three drug tests within a year. However, he’s got lucky because USADA has set his one-year suspension back to April 19th, 2017. This means Diaz is clear to fight again from next week on.

If they can get him in the Octagon it will be such a boost for the UFC. Nick and younger brother Nate are two of the most interesting personalities in the sport. The Stockton pair say it as they see it and they’re not afraid to stand up to the establishment or to diss any fighter who crosses their path. Got to love a Stockton Slap.

Of course, there is no guarantee that he wants to fight again. Diaz could be quite happy sitting back, with a tasty joint right now. However, if he does there are a few exciting fights that Sean Shelby could make.

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It’s what everyone is thinking. Tyron Woodley wants a money fight, and Nick Diaz would bring it. The welterweight champion is out of action in the short term due to injury. This would give Diaz the chance to get fighting fit. It would be a great blend of personalities and could bring out a side in the champion that we’ve never seen before.

In the cage, it would also be very interesting. The Diaz brothers are well rounded and equally capable standing up or using their jiu-jitsu. Nick would offer a different style to Damian Maia or Steven Thompson. Who knows – it might even be entertaining.

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Another interesting option is Michael Bisping. The former middleweight champion is already quasi-retired and keeps turning down potential final opponents. Rashad Evans, Luke Rockhold, and Yoel Romero have all been regarded with contempt by the ‘Count’. However, Diaz might be a lucrative enough option to get the British fighter interested.

It could happen because Diaz’s last fight was in the middleweight division against Anderson Silva. It would be on the feet and there would be a lot of trash talk. It would definitely sell. As a comeback fight, it would be an interesting test for Diaz because Bisping will want to go out with a bang, but lacks the potential decapitating power of Woodley.

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Just kidding. We know that’s not going to happen. But imagine if it did. The trash talk would be unbelievable. All of that past history between McGregor and Nate. It wouldn’t be a fight, it would be theatre. However, the Irishman’s future is uncertain after his insanity last week. If he does make a comeback, it will surely be against Khabib Nurmagamedov.

Well, there you go. There are a few fascinating options for a fan favorite that we’ve all missed. With Nate set to return at some point this year, it could be a chance for the Diaz brothers to enter the big time. If Nick does make his return, who would you like him to fight?

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