There are a lot of divisions in the UFC but to be the baddest man on the planet, it is gotta be the Heavyweight Divison. Stipe Miocic currently holds that title, but it is not a guarantee that he will still remain especially with a lot of top prospects of the division. Here are the top 5 UFC fighters who might end up with the heavyweight crown within 2021.

There are still a lot of fighters that could upset the year and in the belt but we will be focusing on who is highly likely to win the belt.

5.) Curtis Blaydes might be the best wrestler in the division. He is always using his high-level grappling to his advantage. He has beat all of the top dogs in the division but only lost to one which is Francis Ngannou. Every time Blaydes fights, he is always coming in as the favorite which shows how complete the martial art Blaydes.

Unfortunately, when he is on the road for the title fight, he always faced Ngannou which he got knocked out twice already who is also probably the most powerful striker the UFC has ever seen. He beats everyone he faced, he could pose a threat to Jones or Miocic.

4.) Alistair Overeem may not be in his prime and has a problem in the chin department but his veteran skills could lead him to a victory as well. He indicated that it may be his last title run and if he loses, he might retire. He was a former Strikeforce champion, so a UFC belt could add wonders to his legendary resume.

He is currently on a 2-fight win streak and is calling out Jairzinho Rozenstruik for a rematch. During their first encounter, Overeem was winning all the rounds, and had he not get caught in the last second he would have won the fight. One could argue it was a questionable stoppage since Overeem stood up so he was still in the fight.

3.) One of the most exciting fighters to watch in the heavyweight division is Jon Jones. No one knows whether Jones will have the same success he had in the light-heavyweight division. Will he still dominate fighters that are bigger than him, since he is so used to have a huge physical advantage over fighters especially his long reach.

Arguably the most talented fighter in the UFC is moving up the last division. AKA Coach Javier Mendez has said that he would put up Jones as the GOAT if he wins the heavyweight crown. The only piece in the legendary status of Jones is winning the heavyweight belt since he pretty much cleaned the division. He will prove the doubters wrong by fighting the bigger guys.

2.) The favorite in terms of betting odds to win the heavyweight crown would probably be Francis Ngannou. He only needs one punch to knock anybody out. The scary thing about his power is that he does not need it to land clean to put his opponents to sleep. After his back to back loss, all of his fights ended in an average of a minute.

The scariest fighter to fight in the division, due to how gifted his knockout power is. Although in his first title, he fell short since he may have underestimated Stipe Miocic and did train seriously for the fight. He may be too green during that time but he has improved a lot in his game, adding leg kicks could help him win the title.

1.) The greatest UFC Heavyweight Champion may still remain the best in the division. He already beat Francis Ngannou in a 5 round fight. He fought smart used his head movement and wrestling background to tire out Ngannou. Although he got clipped a few times, he still was able to eat those punches.

Jon Jones may not have good boxing skills, with which Stipe could take advantage as well. Stipe Miocic has the best boxing in the division in terms of being technical. Who could doubt Miocic in defending his belt?

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