The UFC Heavyweight Champion is Not Having Any of Tito Ortiz’s Nonsense… The Veteran Thinks He Could Beat Jon Jones… DC Had a Simple Response…

Yesterday Tito Ortiz made headlines for claiming that he could hand Jon Jones his first proper loss in the octagon – We’re not counting the Matt Hammill disqualification, no we mean a legitimate beaten to a pulp loss. Jones is arguably the best fighter in the world. It’s that simple.

For some reason though, Ortiz thinks he could take down the light-heavyweight champion. A former 205lb champ himself, he’s set to take on WWE star Alberto Del Rio under the Combate Americas banner. Ortiz is also 44 and was knocked out twice by Chuck Liddell in his prime.

Needless to say, Daniel Cormier wasn’t very impressed by Ortiz’s claims. Especially because he said that Cormier would never be able to beat ‘Bones.’ DC had a simple response to the legendary former UFC veteran, which you can see below.

Not Happening

Ortiz made the following claim. He basically thinks that he has the height and power advantage to make life awkward for Jones. Get in close, make it dirty and brutal. Like none of Jones’s previous 27 opponents have thought about that. He told the Domenick Nati show:

“I think I would do a lot better against Jon Jones than Daniel Cormier, because Cormier is just a shorter guy (with) bigger legs, bigger torso. He’s just a big, big guy.”

“Yup, I think I could (beat Jones). If I have a camp like I did the last one of 18 weeks, 100 percent. “There really hasn’t been anybody to fight Jon Jones, to get in his face, and stay in his face. Everybody else, they want to strike on the outside with him. He’s too damn long, you cannot do that. You got to get in the inside of him. That’s the way to fight him.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Good Luck

Obviousy, Cormier didn’t think much of Ortiz’s claims. He’s fought Jones twice. The first time he lost by decision, the second time he was laid out unconscious with a head kick. However, their rematch result was overturned to a no-contest after Jones tested positive for banned substances. DC responded to Ortiz’s claims with the following:

“No! LMAO.”

That’s basically what everybody on the internet has said as well. Ortiz might want to get checked for CTE because thinking you can beat Jon Jones is definitely a sign that something is wrong.

Daniel Cormier. Mandatory Credit: Twitter.


Meanwhile, Cormier is set to take on Stipe Miocic in a heavyweight title fight rematch. If he gets past the most successful UFC heavyweight champion of all time, it will be very interesting to see what he does next. He’s supposed to be retired by now but looks to take a couple more fights before walking away.

Brock Lesnar isn’t going to happen so a third fight with Jones would definitely be the most lucrative option. The chance to fight for a second title could be too good for ‘Bones’ to pass down. It would have to happen at heavyweight because DC likes food too much now – which we totally respect – and it would add a new dimension.

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