Dustin Poirier Had a Diamond of a Response for Conor McGregor…

Nate Diaz is set to fight Jorge Masvidal for the BMF title. They’re two of the most popular fighters on the UFC roster today, so it’s no surprise that most fight fans have jumped on board. These two men put everything on the line when they go to war. Also, they mean exactly what they say. This should be a good one.

However, there has been a mixed reaction from their fellow fighters. While most recognise that it will be good for business, others think it’s a load of nonsense. Former lightweight champion Benson Henderson has already mocked the strap. That should come as no surprise though because he holds wins over both men.

Now Conor McGregor has made his thoughts known. His initial tweet was actually quite funny. But check out the shade thrown back at him by Dustin Poirier. You’ve got to love an online beef.

Interim Title

It all kicked off when McGregor took aim at the BMF title. The Irishman has gone to war twice with Nate Diaz. Both men hold wins over the other, in two landmark UFC events. McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh still wants his star pupil to finish the trilogy. Anyway, McGregor tweeted:

“What date is that interim BMF title fight on again?”

To be fair, it is a pretty funny tweet. Subtle but effective. MMA fans jumped on the bandwagon straight away, with some even writing “December 14.” This is a reference to a cryptic tweet by ‘The Notorious’ a few weeks ago. However, McGregor is definitely just trolling. Who knows if we’ll ever see him fight again?


Dustin Poirier must have his notifications set to alert him whenever McGregor tweets. ‘The Diamond’ was very quick to respond to his former foe. You can see the response above. He wrote:

“3 years 10 days since you won your last fight. Do the math champ.”

Poirier is definitely trying to goad McGregor into a rematch. They’re both coming off of losses to reigning 155lb champion Khabib Nurmagamedov. McGregor was demolished by the Russian last year, while Poirier lost in Abu Dhabi a month ago. Poirier would love nothing more than the chance to run it back against McGregor, who he lost to back in 2014.

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Count My Digits

As you might expect, McGregor wasn’t that fazed by Poirier’s response, even though it was definitely the best moment of the thread. He’s still super-rich, with massive earnings from his whiskey company and his clothing line August McGregor. However, he took the time out of his day to give ‘The Diamond’ another line:

“Awesome bro. Now count my bank digits.”

It’s worth mentioning that his bank account is probably a good bit lower than it was previously, what with all of his lawsuits. UFC President Dana White is convinced that the volatile Irishman will fight again. He’s said that McGregor will be back in the cage by early 2020. All we can do is wait and see.

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