Ben Askren Might Just be the Breath of Fresh Air the UFC Needs… He’s Called Out Basically Every Welterweight in the Division… As Well as a Few Fighters Above and Below…

Most people never thought it would happen, but Ben Askren is finally set to fight for the UFC. The former ONE and Bellator champion is a legendary wrestler and widely believed to be one of the two best fighters (alongside Fedor Emelianenko) never to have fought for the world’s most famous MMA promotion.

Now that the UFC and ONE are basically trading Demetrious Johnson and Askren, it finally looks to be set right. Askren has wasted no time in making his presence felt. The 34-year-old has pretty much called out every viable fighter in the division on Twitter.

The likes of Darren Till, Jorge Masvidal, The Diaz Brothers, Georges St. Pierre and even lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagamedov have all been targeted by the man they call ‘Funky.’It looks like he’s set to make up for lost time very quickly. This is what the welterweight division needs.

Back and Forth

Askren has had a back and forth with former welterweight contender Darren Till, who looks set to jump up a division. However, ‘Funky’ rattled the Liverpudlian by asking him if he was ready to go on a losing streak. Till responded but he’s no match for Askren’s Twitter prowess.

Then he called out Nick Diaz… as you can see below.

And Nate…

165lb Division?

Askren is also very interested in being the face of the fabled 165lb division. He called out lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagamedov, saying that they should find out who is the best grappler on the planet (expect him to call out Daniel Cormier next). Could you imagine this fight?

Super Fight

Another magnificent contest would be against Georges St. Pierre. For the true fight fan, this would be an incredible contest. The likes of SBG Ireland head coach John Kavanagh have called on this to happen. Askren has next level wrestling so it would be fascinating to see how this would go down.

Shut Down

Then there were just a few fighters who Askren clearly has no time for because he believes he’s on a totally different level. The likes of Masvidal and Alan Jouban all felt the full force of his Twitter power. Realistically he might need to take one of these opponents first, just to build up the hype train a little bit more. If you follow MMA at all seriously you should be excited by Askren, but a lot of casual western fans might not be familiar with him yet (No disrespect meant!)

Enjoy him crushing Jorge Masvidal…

Who da fook is dat guy?

Welcome Ben

It is going to be absolutely fascinating to see just how effective Askren’s style will be – and whether his personality can balance out the fact that a lot of casual fans don’t really enjoy watching MMA wrestling. When some fans still call Khabib Nurmagamedov’s style boring, you know there’s an issue.

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