Setting the record as the first ever champ to hold belts in two divisions at once, Conor McGregor defeated Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205. The Irishman’s debut in the lightweight division couldn’t have gone better.

Smashing Alvarez with relative ease in new York, McGregor opened the door to a ton of great fights in many divisions. Immediately a fight with number one contender Khabib Nurmagomedov was being talked about. Also discussed was a rematch with old rival Nate Diaz.

from MMA Fights
from MMA Fights

Blown Away

As well as talking about potential next fights for Conor McGregor, UFC commentator Joe Rogan broke down UFC 205. After seeing Alvarez dismantled so simply, Rogan and former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub were blown away. From the most recent Joe Rogan Podcast:

The main event was almost bizarre, it’s almost bizarre the way he picked apart Eddie Alvarez. Like magical is almost the word I want to use. He touches motherf*ckers with that left hand.”

“The moment Eddie got hit, he was like ‘What the fuck?’ I just think Conor knew that he had him. He’s such a unique personality, but it’s also his style. He does a lot like what Wonderboy does, but with less kicks, but I think he does it better. It may be something he does with the focus of his shots, the precision. He’s hitting them in a surprise way, and he’s not telegraphing it at all. There’s no fat in his movements.”


Conor vs. Khabib

Joe Rogan then discussed the potential of a fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov for Conor McGregor. He and Schaub also said they believe a fight with Brock Lesnar is even possible:

“Khabib Nurmagomedov, wow, what a scary monster this guy is. Here’s the thing, though, he got clipped, Michael Johnson did clip him. I’m thinking ‘what would Conor do to this kid?'”


“I’m done betting against Conor McGregor. I think (about Khabib) if Johnson lands that, you can bet your sweet ass Conor is gonna land that. I’m done questioning what Conor is capable of. I’d love to see him fight Brock Lesnar.”

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