During a savage attack in Russia, a professional MMA fighter has killed a bodybuilder…

The seemingly age-old competition between MMA and bodybuilding has ended in tragedy this time. During a confrontation in the streets of Russia, a man has lost his life this week. The circumstances surrounding this harrowing attack remain unknown.

What is known is the two men squared off among a small crowd of people, with security cameras catching exactly what happened. The video below shows the conflict from start to brutal finish.

The video below contains real scenes of graphic violence/ The full report can be read after the jump…

YouTube video

Props to MMAMania.com for the report:

street fight in the early morning of Aug. 20 turned deadly in Khabarovsk, Russia. A man who was well-trained in mixed martial arts (MMA) and competed professionally, was caught on video involved in a street fight against world champion power lifter Andrey Drachev.

According to Crime Russia, Anar Ziranov has been identified by law enforcement as the man who delivered a wheel kick to the towering powerlifter. Then ultimately hit his downed victim with repeated punches to the face as he was seemingly unconscious.

According to the website, the 32-year old power lifter had numerous titles to his name:

Andrey Drachev was World and European champion in powerlifting. The athlete also set a world record in the triathlon with the result of 1t, 75 kg, 500 gr. In April 2017, Drachev participated in the open Bodybuilding Championship of the Primorsky region for the first time and took first place in the category ‘Extreme Bodybuilding’.

Continue reading below…

Reports of Drachev indicate he was successful in powerlifting and bodybuilding competition…

According to the regional ICR, the conflict between two visitors of a cafe in the center of Khabarovsk occurred at around 7:00 a.m. on August 20.

During the fight, a man born in 1992 inflicted several blows to the man born in 1985. As a result of the craniocerebral injury, the victim died in hospital. Later, it turned out that the deceased was a well-known Khabarovsk athlete.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the conflict took place outside Galereya cafe. CCTV video shows people dressed as guards quietly watching. Without trying to intervene, even when the attacker goes in for kill with several blows to the head of the knocked-own victim.

The offender managed to escape from the crime scene, but he has been identified. According to preliminary data, he is from the Caucasus.

The ICR investigation bodies in the Khabarovsk region have initiated a criminal case on the grounds of crime under part 4 of Art. 111 of the Russian Criminal Code (Deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm, which by negligence caused the death of the victim).

The suspect in the case is yet to be captured it would seem. Such a pointless fight in a moment of anger has cost one man his life and another likely his freedom for some time. It’s always sad to see people standing around not helping in these situations.

RIP Andrey Drachev, and lets hope the police catch this guy soon.

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    • The man was downed and unconscious but still punched in the head and neck many times after. There is nothing manly nor sports in that. Murderer should be locked up and sentenced for many years…

      • There is probably a backstory that we don’t know about. I see two evenly matched fellows going at it without weapons. One knocked the other out and punched him a few times in the face while he was APPARENTLY unconscious. Apparently to us – in the heat of battle the MMA fighter might not have noticed. I don’t know what the elements of murder are in Russia, but here the prosecution has to prove intent to kill. If I meant to kill the victim, I wouldn’t have punched him in the face. I’d have soccer-kicked him (wearing shoes) a few times in the temple, or turned him onto his back and hammerfisted him a few times in the back of the head, or karate-chopped his larynx. The most they’re likely to get here is manslaughter, and he’ll be locked up with Russian gangstas (tougher than ours) and show them how to REALLY fight.

    • Strong boy-? what in taking a big load of cum from your Russian boyfriend?
      Story is incorrect weight lifter had been attacked by the crowd of mma guys friends
      and offered to fight one on one.

  1. The comments below are a testimony that humans enjoy conflict. World peace bullshit LOL! The guy who actually shared this article on facebook talks about world peace, brotherhood, love and all the hipppie bullshit all the time. But gets excited watching these sort of videos. Most of this planet is living in a state of cognitive dissonance.


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