So the story goes that this boy was bullying a group of girls relentlessly until one victim had taken enough. This raw video shows what happened when the girl went beast mode…

When bullies go too far, things can get very dangerous. Not only for the victims though, as we’ve seen many times now. Too often the victims of bullying go on to suffer long term side effects, but then what happens when they turn the tables on the bully?bully-blind-kid[1]

With videos having the ability to reach viral status in a matter of hours in the modern age, there are a ton of examples to reference on this hot topic. The subject of today’s article is a video that’s going viral as we speak.

The story goes that this kid was picking on some school girls, and this one victim had heard enough. Was she right to take him down in such a violent fashion though? They say the best thing to do with a bully is stand up to them, but does this include brutally finishing them with knees from the clinch?

muay-thai-spear[1]And how about this famous Muay Thai beatdown video? This features a street thug that challenged a Muay Thai instructor in Beijing getting one of the nastiest beatings you could imagine? Of course, this is a whole different kettle of fish, as the much more competent and dangerous Muay Thai instructor could easily kill this man.

Check it out:

YouTube video

At the end of the day, violence is never right, but does it become almost justified when used against someone that’s going to hurt you? It’s an ongoing debate that will likely never end. Until someone gets seriously injured, or perhaps worse, the bully beatdown will continue to trend when the videos are inevitably uploaded and go viral.

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