This might sound crazy, but there are legitimate reasons to believe Conor KOs Floyd…

Floyd Mayweather is the most elusive fighter in history. Conor McGregor has never fought a professional boxing match in his life. Yet many people, some of whom are considered experts, are actually starting to believe Conor’s hype.

Much of this is due to the Mayweather McGregor World Tour. Did Conor get in his head? Will it change the way Floyd approaches the fight? How much does having someone in your head impact a professional like Floyd anyway? We won’t know the answers to any of these questions until August 26th.

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Joe Rogan, Tyson Fury and many others have come out and said they expect Conor to KO Floyd. Are these people just saying what they hope will happen or are there reasons to believe Conor will shock the world?

In fact, there are several reasons to believe Conor can actually pull this off. In this article, we look at six of them:

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6. Conor’s “Touch of Death”

Conor puts people to sleep with that left hand.

While Floyd is a boxing legend, and Conor has never competed in the sport, there is one gigantic advantage Conor has: He can knockout Floyd, but Floyd can’t knockout him. It’s an advantage that Floyd needs to be wary of or he is going to get KO’d.

Floyd’s hands have taken a career’s worth of damage. He hasn’t knocked out anyone with them in 6 years. There’s not enough left in those brittle things to take Conor down. So this fight really comes down to whether Conor knocks out Floyd, or Floyd wins a decision.

Will Conor make contact with his “Touch of Death”? If he does it will become one of the most iconic moments in sports history.

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