3. Georges St. Pierre defeats Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz is another guy that could easily be put into the mix at 206. Technically he is still suspended until he pays the Nevada State Athletic Commission $75K, and the Ontario athletic commission in Canada will observe their suspensions (as most commissions do). But Nick has been in the spotlight so much lately because of the Conor and Nate rivalry, that he’s probably worth more money now than he was when he fought GSP the first time.

Considering Nick’s history with NSAC, it is easy to see why he wouldn’t want to pay them, but he’s leaving a lot of money on the table by not doing so.

A Georges St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz rematch would be huge. It would be GSP returning to the country where he once was voted “Canada’s Athlete of the Year”, and going up against one of his best old rivals. It might do more PPV buys than their first fight in Montreal did.

The outcome would be the exact same however; Georges takes him down and controls him, wins a decision victory.

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