The voters have chosen and the results are in. These funny and awkward moments in MMA will make you cringe…

Welcome to the first Scrap Digest award show of 2016, as we reveal the community forum polling results for the most awkward moments in MMA history awards. The sport of mixed martial arts has seen many highs and lows over the years, but one thing remains constant; Where there’s fights, there’s awkward moments.

With testosterone and estrogen flying around the place like nobody’s business, MMA traditions such as weigh-ins, interviews, stare downs, trash talk and even the fights themselves can turn quite the cringe worthy moments.

We opened the lines for the voting, and the community has spoken. Before we reveal the results, check out the nominees for The Most Awkward Moments in MMA History Awards!

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Nominee #1: KO Fighter Fap

This classic piece of MMA history provides both an awfully hilarious and ridiculously awkward moment. Not only does the poor guys get his block knocked off in the cage, his fall sends him in to the position that few will adopt in public.

Unfortunately for the out cold foe, his biggest impact on the MMA world was this brief clip simply called ‘knocked out fighter fap.’ Sucks to be that guy.


Nominee #2: The Heath Herring Butt Grab

Future UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar took on Pride FC veteran and former top ranked heavyweight Heath Herring at UFC 187. The fight itself was a one sided victory for Lesnar, who shattered Herring’s orbital bone in the first round.

As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough getting a beating of a lifetime from a pro wrestler, Herring then had to deal with one of the most cringe worthy moments we’ve ever seen. Between rounds Herring is heading back to his corner, and his trainer decides to give him some motivation.

Maybe next time try a pat on the back, buddy.

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