There are many great Muay Thai fighters, but to be considered the greatest of all time, you really have to be something special…

Samart Payakaroon

Samart Payakaroon is often referred to as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time. He won his first Lumpinee titles fighting at minimumweight (105 lbs) in 1980 and would go on to win Lumpinee titles as a light flyweight (108 lbs), super flyweight (115 lbs) and featherweight (126 lbs).


Samart was the Sports Writers Fighter of the Year,  in 1981, 1983 and 1988. He fought out of the famous Sityodtong camp and was also a star in Western boxing, winning the WBC super bantamweight (122 lbs) title in 1986.

Samart had an incredible push kick and threw it with such speed that he’d often floor his opponents. He retired with a Muay Thai record of 129-19-2 and his boxing record is 21-2.

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