Tony Ferguson Knows Who He wants Next – And it ISN’T Conor McGregor…

Tony Ferguson might be only weeks away from the biggest fight of his life, but that hasn’t stopped him from talking about his potential next opponent. The UFC interim lightweight champion is due to take on Khabib Nurmagamedov at UFC 223, at the Barclay Centre, Brooklyn on April 7.

It’s one of the most widely anticipated fights of the year. The California native and his Dagestani opponent are without doubt two of the most exciting fighters on the UFC’s roster today. The winner will become the UFC’s official lightweight champion. Conor McGregor, who holds the belt now, will be stripped as soon as we get a result.

This is the fourth time this fight has been booked. Nurmagamedov is an incredibly dangerous opponent with a ludicrous 25-0 undefeated record. That doesn’t seem to faze Ferguson though, who is himself riding a 10 fight win streak. He knows who he wants to fight when he’s the official champion – and it isn’t Conor McGregor.

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Crazy Situation

The whole lightweight belt situation became untenable because Conor McGregor refused to defend his title. The Irishman hasn’t fought in an octagon since November 2017, when he took on Eddie Alvarez for the championship. Last year he faced Floyd Mayweather in a boxing crossover and happily walked away with $100 million dollars.

Since then ‘The Notorious’ has broken the record for the most time passed without defending his title. Something had to give, and finally, we’re getting the most exciting fight possible. Nurmagamedov with his oppressive and devastating Sambo style, against the unorthodox and tricky Ferguson. An exciting clash of styles between two elite opponents.

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Chosen One

Ferguson discussed who he wants next and surprisingly it’s not a ‘red panty night’ against McGregor. Instead, he wants to face another legend of the sport; a fighter that Ferguson has the utmost respect for. It can only be Canadian all-time great Georges St. Pierre.

“I mean, GSP, literally if he wants a money fight, he’s an athlete,” Ferguson said. “We all have to pay our bills. We all have to pay our taxes. Straight up.”

St. Pierre made his comeback last November when he submitted Michael Bisping and won the middleweight title. He’s widely regarded as the greatest welterweight of all time, and now arguably the greatest UFC fighter ever. What’s more is that he is also still a big name draw – something the UFC doesn’t have a lot of.

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Makes Sense

It actually could work as well. The pair wouldn’t necessarily have to fight at lightweight. While St. Pierre would no doubt be interested in winning another title, he’s had issues with ulcerative colitis. This has affected his weight cuts badly in the past. Instead, the pair could face off at the Canadian’s natural welterweight.

“That’s what I signed up for in the beginning,” Ferguson said. “I was 170 pounds; 155 was forced on me. I mean, that forced the move, ultimate reality, then that’s not the end result; 170 pounds, where I had 12 fights.”

Well, it’s an exciting thought. That’s for sure. However, let’s be real: facing Khabib will be the toughest test of Ferguson’s career. The Russian has shut down and broken every man that he has faced in the octagon. Ferguson has to get past ‘The Eagle’ and prove it’s his time. Otherwise, he can kiss his super fight dreams goodbye.

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