Some MMA debates are never ending. One of those debates is who the sport’s hardest ever hitters are. Certain fighters throughout history have a special kind of power that can’t be taught or learned.

You can work on the proper technique to throw a punch all day. But if you don’t have the natural gift, you won’t ever make it to the same level as these guys.

When you get hit by one of the hardest punchers in MMA, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. But capturing one on camera is just as special. Fights can end in the blink of an eye with just one perfectly-placed punch.

There is a moment when the punch lands that really captures the essence of the knockout. The way the skin ripples from the impact. And globs of spit fly left and right.

The photographers are cageside snapping away, ready to capture the perfect shot. When they look at their camera rolls, they then realize the masterpiece they caught.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. This list is totally subjective. I’m sure you have some great ones so don’t forget to put them in the comments section.

Get ready to embrace a visual feast with five of the greatest punch face photos in MMA.

BJ Penn Nate Diaz

BJ Penn Jabs Nate Diaz

BJ Penn might have suffered a unanimous decision loss to Nate Diaz when they fought each other at UFC 137 in October 2011. But he made sure to leave a picture perfect punch that the UFC will have in its photo archive.

Penn, who is recognized for his role in the resurgence of the lightweight division, had a photo of him displacing Diaz’s jaw with a stiff jab. He clearly won the first round by utilizing his boxing as well as mixing in a takedown attempts.

However, it was not enough to take out a determined man like Diaz.

Although Penn was unable to mount any significant offense against Diaz’s stand-up attack in the remaining two rounds of the fight. At least he got a great photo he can hang up on his wall.

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