Ubereem Is Back! Alistair Overeem Looking HUGE Again

*This just in* Horses are now an endangered species in Holland…

Since his career started in 1999, heavyweight kickboxer and MMA star Alistair Overeem has gone through many transformations. Initially fighting as a skinny light-heavyweight, Overeem became ‘Ubereem.’

Shooting up from a lanky 205-pounder, Overeem evolved to a 265-pound muscle-bound monster. Somewhere around 2007, ‘The Demolition Man’ found himself some new dietary supplements.

UFC Drug Test Fail

After demolishing the competition in Japan and Europe, Overeem finally starting fighting regularly on US soil in 2010. By that time, ‘The Reem’ was about as big and ripped as a bodybuilder, but was close to his next stage of evolution.

Following his Strikeforce heavyweight GP victory over Fabricio Werdum, Overeem joined the UFC and destroyed Brock Lesnar. Next he was scheduled to fight for the title against Junior dos Santos in May, but a failed drug test saw a halt to that.

Nine months later Overeem was allowed to re-apply for his license to fight in Nevada. When he returned in February 2013, Overeem had shrunk considerably.

Ubereem’s Latest Pic (Below)

After two straight losses by KO to Bigfoot Silva and Travis Browne, Overeem would win six fights, losing a further two, up until present day. Most recently, the Dutchman knocked out Mark Hunt at UFC 209.

Social media fans were treated to the latest body pic of Overeem today, and he’s looking considerably more jacked than he has for many years. Here it is, and below you’ll see the comparison to the Hunt fight (40 days ago).

For comparison purposes, here’s the most recent pic (before the above post) of Overeem’s guns and guts:

Horse Meat?

Once famously claiming horse meat as the reason for his rapid muscle growth, is Overeem currently raiding farms for his diet? Either that, or he’s A) back on the sauce or B) working harder than ever before…

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