The biggest question for Shevchenko is who is next? She is just levels above her competitors that there is no more challenge for her. No known weakness is what she showed in her last few fights.

Shevchenko took offense to people thinking that Andrade could put her down. Andrade may have been a former champion, but she is simply too small for Shevchenko . Andrade is known for her power and even tried to land a body slam against Shevchenko but failed to even lift her.

Shevchenko was superior in all aspects of the fight, may it be wrestling, striking and even the ground game. In fear of getting caught, where it can always happen, she chose to use her wrestling against a dangerous Andrade. Once she got hold of the crucifix position, there was nothing Andrade could do to escape the barrage.

Many had speculated that Weili would move up had she won her fight against Rose Namajunas. Unfortunately, Namajunas spoiled that plan by reclaiming her title. So what is really next for Shevchenko since she is just running out of competition, as the same with Amanda Nunes.

Well, the obvious big fight to make is to make the Shevchenko vs Nunes trilogy fight since their last encounter was super close, and some even saw Shevchenko winning the fight by a narrow decision. As of right now, Nunes is scheduled to face, Juliana Pena but she is obviously expected to win the fight but who knows, we could see another huge upset.

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