Growing up most of us were told to respect our elders. Respect is a great indicator of character in a person, and it’s something that’s severely lacking in the youth of today. But let’s not pretend that street fighting a-holes haven’t been around for decades.

It just seems like now, in 2016, there’s a much higher concentration of gang members and just bad people in general than there ever was before. Either that or we are just able to see it more now through social media and video sharing.[1]

Everyone wants to be a gangster now days. Instead of facing the realities of their lives and trying to do something positive with it, the wannabe youth of today often end up using their ‘g-style’ to do wrong.

A lot of the time this involves lacing up the boots and hitting the streets to start some fights, bully an innocent person or worse pull out a gun and put someone in the ground. That’s not the case in the subject of today’s video.


Today’s story takes place on a subway, as these things often do, but it ends on a very high note. When acting like a gangster goes wrong…

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