UFC commentator Joe Rogan is a pretty cool guy. He’s been around the world during his 20 years of calling fights for the UFC, but there’s much more to him. Rogan’s fascination with the sport is clear, but he has plenty of other talents.

In Rogan’s prime year he was actually a tasty fighter himself. By the ageof just 20 he’d won the national grand slam title in Tae Kwo Doe, making him among the youngest in history to do so.

rogan sparring

Podcast & Stand Up

Joe Rogan now hosts a wildly popular and entertaining podcast. ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ features tons of great guests from the MMA world and beyond. Some of the craziest interviews of our era come from Rogan’s podcasts.

Rogan’s ties to fighting are’t just limited to these outlets though. During his time as a stand up comedian Rogan encountered plenty of haters that wanted a piece of him.


Two Feminists, One Night

Ever heard about the time two feminists tried messing with Joe Rogan on the same night? If you’ve ever seen Rogan’s stand up set, you’ll know he’s not the kind of guy to take sh*t from the crowds.

Someone should have told these broads about Joe…

Continue to page 2 to see Joe Rogan lay down the law on two angry feminists…

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