WATCH: Cain Velasquez Goes Airborne in Wild Wrestling Footage

It turns out that Cain Velasquez is pretty good at this pro-wrestling thing…

Cain Velasquez is one of the most fearsome fighters on the planet. Sure, he’s had rotten luck with injuries, but there is absolutely no doubt that he’d make bits of the average man. Many people consider him the greatest UFC heavyweight ever. As a two-time champion, he’s definitely got a claim to that title.

Now though, he’s proving his talents in professional wrestling. You can hate on the storylines and all that as much as you want, but you’ve got to respect the athleticism of these guys. Velasquez, with his distinctive Lucha Libre mask, is no exception.

Check out his recent appearance at AAA’s Invading NY event. He pulled out all the stops in a six-man tag team event, leaping off the ropes and landing hurricanranas. It’s seriously impressive.


Despite his recent lack of MMA activity, Velasquez is still open to fighting again and he remains a top-ten heavyweight. Will we see him back in the cage again?

“The door is not closed,” Velasquez said last week. “I’m always thinking about it. I definitely would like to fight again for sure. I don’t know when, but that door is always open. I’m still going to the gym and training, even though it’s not like I’m training for a fight.

“Right now I’m just having so much fun doing the pro wrestling, so we’ll see what happens. But as far as right now, I do plan on fighting again.”

Not Done

The 37-year-old has definitely not shut the door on his MMA career, but why would he want to fight if he can keep doing this? The Californian has had horrendous luck with injuries, only fighting twice in the past three years. In particular, his back has been a massive issue for him.

That makes his dynamism and athleticism on the pro-wrestling stage all the more impressive. For such a big man, he moves incredibly well. It’s spectacular to watch, even if you have no interest in the storylines. It’s ironic that for all the talk of getting casual wrestling fans into MMA, Velasquez is achieving the reverse.


The last man to beat Velasquez was Francis Ngannou. Clearly, ‘The Predator’ is one of the most fearsome knockout artists in the MMA world. In short, he’s the clear number one contender after beating Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos in back-to-back wins.

“I’ve been waiting for it,” Ngannou said to MMA Junkie. “After my last fight, Dana White said we’re going to see how it plays out between ‘DC’ and Stipe. I’m willing. I’m ready for it. I think I’m going to have my revenge, and definitely it’s not going to go the same way as the last one. 2019, hopefully – that would be great.”

Stipe Miocic is definitely another fighter who is in the GOAT conversation. A two-time champion, with the most title defences in the history of the division, he shut Ngannou down the last time he fought. He also battled back through adversity to beat Daniel Cormier by knockout in his last fight. A rematch would definitely be fascinating.

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