This Absolute Moron Started a Fight With the Wrong Dad… He Got Sent Into the Shadow Realm For His Troubles…

There are some absolute idiots in this world and the video below shows one of them. It’s a rule of nature: if a man or woman feels like they and their family are under threat, they will do whatever they have to do to defend them. Even if that means resorting to brutally efficient violence.

It’s amazing what a few drinks will do to somebody. One moment you’re having a good time with your mates, the next you’ve your shirt off and you’re trying to intimidate a father and his kids. This is the exact scenario that played out in a town in Hertfordshire, UK.

Watch the footage below and see what happened when this melon created a situation that ended with him counting stars. The dad does amazingly well. It’s a phenomenal KO.

Don’t Start

Why would you do this? He must have been on the Proper Twelve because cheap wifebeater whiskey is the sort of alcohol that would create this situation. As you can see, the man comes up to a house wearing a shirt, and black gloves. An argument breaks out as the father tries to fend the man off his property. Obviously, if it was America he’d have just shot him.

The idiot doesn’t take the hint though and steps it up a level by taking off his shirt. One of the children starts crying – and we don’t blame the kid, that’s a very hairy chest. All credit to the dad because he’s incredibly restrained, doing his utmost to de-escalate the situation in front of his family while protecting them and his property. He says:

“Move away from my house now! I can’t do this in front of my kids. Are you mental? You’re on my property. You’re in front of my children and my wife. Move on. Take your stuff and move on.”

Screenshot: Facebook.


There’s just no justifying this sort of stupidity and thuggishness. This absolute spaceman of a human being decides that no, he’s not going on anywhere. After breaking their gate, he continues to be intimidating and verbally abuses the father. He says:

“Come on, d**khead!”

Then he meets his downfall. After the father gave him every opportunity to move away from his property and family, he finally loses patience and snaps. He lets loose with a powerful right hand, instantly knocking the drunk man out. He just goes limp and drops to the floor. Then the dad kicks him on the floor, dropping a C-bomb while he’s at it.

Screenshot: Facebook.


In the comments, most people agreed that the dad was entirely justified in his actions. At the end of the day his property was being imposed upon, his child was crying and his wife felt forced to call the police. He was finally pushed beyond his patience and when he did the drunk guy found out just how big a mistake he had made. Fortunately, no charges were pressed on either side. Hertfordshire Police reported:

Police was called at 8.43am on Saturday, October 22 to report a disturbance in Hartswood Close, Bushey.”

It was reported that a verbal altercation had occurred between two men. Officers attended the scene, spoke to both parties involved and no offences were disclosed.”

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