You’ve Got to Love a Street Fight… Sometimes Women Are Even More Vicious Than Men… Today’s Video Shows Just How Wild They Can Be… These Two ‘Ladies’ Go Absolutely Mental on a US College Campus… 

Street fights are a weird thing when you think about it. What makes two ordinary people swing fists at each other in this so-called civilized and modern era. Normally when you think of a brawl in public, drunk men would come to mind and in all honesty, that’s probably fair.

Most street fights involve men. Testosterone can take over in even the most mild-mannered dude causing a primal reaction. But sometimes women go crazy too and it can be even more vicious.

Check out the footage below of two girls going absolutely wild on an unidentified campus in the United States. We’ve no idea what caused this crazy confrontation, but they definitely let their hands do the talking. Enjoy!

Girl Fight

The scene is set: two young women standing around a US college campus with several onlookers filming them. One of them is shrieking demonically and we’re sorry that you have to watch that part because it’s absolutely infuriating. The other girl seems to be channelling her inner ‘Thug Rose’ Namajunas as she stands there in silence, the words just bouncing off of her.

Until suddenly they’re not and the fists begin to fly. The quiet girl swings and that kicks off a wild scuffle between the two of them. They’re like a pair of wildcats, slapping, punching and pulling. It’s amazing how shameless they are as well in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Screenshot: Twitter.


You’ve got to feel for the security guard who wades into the middle of the two mad women. How do you deal with such a situation? If it was two guys, you could be more physical in separating them, but all he can do is stand in the middle and try and stop them from ripping each other apart. We mean that literally as they both go for the other’s hair.

Another one looks like he’s on his way to help out too as the video ends. Meanwhile, the watching crowd cheers as they watch the two crazies feuding away.

Screenshot: Twitter.


Over the past ten years, more and more women have been arrested for fighting on the street. Experts have an amazingly ironic reason for this. The increased freedoms that women enjoy now, may have resulted in masculinizing their behaviour and can cause an imitation of male-macho behaviour. This may also be a reason for the increased presence of women in combat sports.

Basically, all that freedom comes with its own problems. Maybe these two women were just wacky. You can also see that one of them ends up on top of the other fairly quickly. Like the old montage says: 90 per cent of fights goes to the ground… or picnic tables.

Don’t get in street fights guys. You just like a moron and there are much better things to go viral for.

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