Cassius Chaney Just Became Internet Famous… The Unbeaten Heavyweight Actually Punched His Opponent Out of the Ring… It’s One of the Most Sensational Bits of Footage This Year

There’s a reason why everybody loves heavyweight boxing. You’ve got two behemoths facing off against each other in an enclosed environment. Every punch that they throw could cause the other to be knocked out. There’s nothing quite like the tension of two big throwing down with each other.

The heavyweight champion of the world is considered to be the ‘baddest man on the planet.’ Even if you’re technically better than your opponent, as a heavyweight you have to be so careful because these guys just pack so much power in each shot that they throw.

That’s what Joel Caudle found out when he took on the unbeaten Cassius Chaney on ESPN the other night. Chaney pieced him up and then sent him flying out of the ring with a vicious combination. Check it out below.


Chaney is an up-and-coming heavyweight with a record of 16-0 (10 KOs). He’s looked very decent in his career so far and there was a clear difference in class straight away when he took on Joel Caudle on the undercard of Friday’s Top Rank on ESPN+ show in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

Caudle found himself under pressure in the very first round as Chaney put together vicious slicing combinations. He went to the body and then to the head, and back to the body, with the hapless fighter getting pieced up. Whoever made that match-up should probably get a slap.


We did get an instant meme-worthy moment though. As Chaney strung together his violent combinations, he managed to send Caudle flying through the ropes. Now, this is a very big man who ends up on the floor outside the ring with the elegance of a sack of coal being thrown into a shed.

There were probably aftershocks all across the United States. It’s probably just as well that Oxon Hill isn’t a coastal town because a tsunami might have come in and swept them all away. Seriously, it’s a wonder that he was able to get back to his feet after it.

Screenshot: Twitter.

Hard Knocks

As you can see from the second angle, poor old Caudle literally faceplanted onto the ground. When you’re dropped in the ring, the referee gives you an 8-count. However, when you’re sent crashing out of the ring you get a 20-count. Caudle managed to beat and went back for more punishment.

You have to give the big man some credit for getting back to his feet and clambering back into the ring. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t last much longer and Chaney would finish him off with a massive right hand in the opening round. At least he’s famous now. Well, sort of.

Meanwhile, this weekend there will be more boxing with Manny Pacquaio set to take on Keith Thurman. The Filipino legend is the favourite going into this one, but Thurman is no walk in the park. It should be a good one!

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