Mixed martial arts is the fastest-growing sport in the world, and the UFC played a huge role in bringing it to greater heights across the globe.

MMA is now heavily associated with the UFC as its fighters have become household names in different countries. One of the most popular fighters in the world is two-division champion Conor McGregor.

McGregor is fairly new to the UFC, having just come to prominence in the past couple of years. He began as a cliquish, boastful fighter who rubbed people the wrong way.

from lowkickmma
from lowkickmma

Conor McGregor is the Biggest UFC Star in History

Today, with the way he carries himself as a proud warrior, it’s hard not to love the guy. This is despite the fact that he is terribly overconfident.

It is not that difficult to recognize the 28-year-old Irishman. He is currently the quote unquote “poster boy” of the company.

He has been the organization’s biggest draw for live events and pay-per-view.

Even in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, McGregor developed a large cult following, which includes casual fans. Casual fans are individuals who just occasionally watch MMA.

Six fans were given a chance to sit down and watch the UFC 196 welterweight bout between McGregor and arch-nemesis Nate Diaz last March.

McGregor Diaz

Irish Fans Watch Conor McGregor VS Nate Diaz For The First Time

Three were able to immediately identify McGregor due to his transcending superstar status. The other three were clueless about MMA and ridiculed the appearance of the Irish fighter.

As they continued to watch the footage, they began to unite as one to root and cheer for McGregor. McGregor went toe-to-toe with Diaz for the better part of their nine minutes inside the Octagon.

Diaz absorbed significant punishment from McGregor, having been on the receiving end of various left hands and uppercuts.

However, the complexion of the fight changed midway through the second round when Diaz engaged in stand-up warfare with McGregor and consistently countered his right hook.



McGregor Is A Huge Part Of The Rise Of MMA

As McGregor delivered a pair of uppercuts, Diaz clipped him with a stinging left jab that wobbled the brash champion.

Diaz rocked McGregor in multiple exchanges before hammering the final nail in the coffin with a rear-naked choke.

The Irish panel was disgruntled with the outcome of the fight as their hero bowed down to the American loudmouth.

YouTube video

Although McGregor suffered defeat at the hand of Diaz, the Irish fellas admitted that they still admired the current UFC double champion. They then vowed to watch more MMA in the future.

It only took one McGregor fight to convert six people into fans. He is truly the Mystic Mac.

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