An Enraged Motorcyclist Absolutely Blasts Two Men Into Unconsciousness After They Kicked His Bike And Disrespected Him…

All of us have boundaries that when we get pushed too far we’ll eventually snap and lose control. It’s part of being human. Maybe somebody will say something really insulting to you, disrespect your family, or deliberately try to damage your property. Whatever they’re doing, it’s over the line.

The good thing about martial arts and combat sports is that it teaches you how to control your body. One of the biggest misconceptions about people who train in different fighting systems is that they’re a little bit crazy and hyperaggressive. Usually, this isn’t true. Training often teaches people self-discipline and self-restraint, because they know they can unleash carnage.

In the video below, a motorcyclist loses all sense of self-control when two men threaten him and kick his beloved bike. He must have some sort of training because he absolutely obliterates them. Watch the insane footage below.

Street Fight

Don’t mess with someone else’s property. It’s very simple. If you start something, you have to be prepared for a reaction, and these guys just weren’t. In the footage, you can see that words are being exchanged and the two men target the motorcyclist in a threatening manner.

He doesn’t react really until they kick his bike. That’s just too far for him. Still helmeted, he gets off his ride and knocks out both men. They hit the ground like sacks of potatoes. One of the two men gradually comes back to life, but the other barely moves a muscle.

Screenshot: Youtube.

Too Far?

What do you guys think about this reaction? Was the motorcyclist right to get off his bike and just smash the two of them and drive off – when he could literally have just gone away in the first place. The way those two men hit the ground was almost worse than the bunches. One wrong bang of the head and that’s manslaughter.

It’s a tough one because when you’re that angry it’s obvious that self-control can sometimes just go out the window. At the end of the video, on-lookers help the two KO victims back to their feet and they both appear to be moving their limbs so it doesn’t end that badly for anybody.

Screenshot: Youtube.

You Never Know…

It also goes to show that you never know exactly what somebody else could be capable of. It’s highly unlikely that these two absolute morons would have gone and tried to antagonise this guy if they knew he had rocket launchers for fists. How many videoes are there on the internet of idiots who tried to mug or attack somebody and then they turn out to be a professional fighter, or at the very least have some sort of martial arts training.

Get your kids into martial arts guys. Self-defence should be mandatory in schools because it would teach kids how to protect themselves and would also give them self-control, disciple and the ability to persevere and push their limits. What’s not to like?

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