This Looks Like it’s Straight Out of a Videogame… A Muay Thai Fighter in China Lands a Spectacular Jumping Kick And Instantly Puts Knocks Out His Opponent… Enjoy!

Many MMA fighters use Muay Thai as a foundation for their striking. It’s easy to see why. Nicknamed ‘The Art of Eight Limbs,’ Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and one of the most devastating forms of standup fighting on the planet. Athletes use punches, kicks, elbows, knees and sweeps to great effect.

However, for some reason, Muay Thai and other forms of kickboxing just haven’t taken off as a spectator sport in the western world. While MMA and boxing are incredibly popular, for some reason people just aren’t interested in watching fighters go at it with their hands and feet.

It’s a shame because these striking arts provide some incredible highlight reel finishes. Watch the clip below from a Muay Thai contest in Bangkok, where the fighter lands a vicious jumping kick KO.


2019 might still be young, but this is already one of the knockouts of the year. China’s Zhang Jinhu was fighting Thailand’s Singthongnoi at the Muay Thai Super Champ promotion at Muay Thai Street Stadium on Jan. 20. It was a night of major action and Zhang managed to steal the show.

When his Thai opponent came at him with a body kick, Zhang reacted in style. He caught the kick and somehow possessed the dynamism to jump and land a vicious kick to his opponent’s head. The way he just comes from the crowd is so impressive as he hardly bends his knees at all. What a finish.


Sadly one of the most traditional aspects of Muay Thai may be preventing it from becoming a popular spectator sport in the western world. The pre-fight ritual turns off a lot of European and US fans who just want to watch the violence. However, it’s worth waiting for when you see the likes of the legendary Buakaw in action.

ONE Championship is trying to do its bit for the kickboxing arts, as it has introduced kickboxing and Muay Thai divisions into the promotion. Their fight cards are obviously dominated by MMA, but will regularly have Muay Thai and regular K1 style kickboxing on there too. As combat sports evolve on different streaming platforms, this could be the way forward into the future.

YouTube video


If you’re in Thailand, there are regular events on at weekends which you should definitely check out as a combat sports fan. Muay Thai is seen as a way of life for many of its people, who use it as a means to escape poverty.

For the full results from a night of violence in Bangkok, Thailand, you can see below.

(Main event) Nattakiat Pran26 vs Victor Almeida ended in a draw (71kg)

Georges Remy Salomon def. Kamlaiphet AyothayaFightGym (71kg)

Ignasi Larios Alvez def. YodbuaNgam Lookbanyai by KO (68kg)

Thong AyothayaFightGym vs Alexey Balyko ended in a draw (63kg)

Zhang Jinhu def. Singnoi Sor.Thanakorn by KO (62kg)

Noelisson Silva def. Komin Moopingaroijoongbuey (57kg)

Phakin Tor.LaNgu vs Liu Moudun ended in a draw (62kg)

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