We live in a digital world where you can buy and do everything online. In the past, we could only buy stuff from online merchants. Right now, you can buy yourself a brand-new car using your credit or debit card. You can also bet and gamble on the go, and that’s all powered by fast, safe, and secure payment options. From instant bank transfers to e-wallets and prepaid cards, you can buy anything online with ease these days.

Among the favorite options to use at gambling sites and elsewhere are gift cards. Players are always looking for a reliable and quick way of depositing money at online casinos. While you can surely do that via your bank account, sometimes, players like to stay anonymous. The best way to do this is by using gift cards, which are also a neat option as well a gift.

With pre-determined amounts of money on them, you can buy these cards virtually or in stores and play casino games with them, buy games, or pay for other services. If the online merchant or operator accepts a gift card, it might very well be the best possible way to make quick and anonymous transactions.

If you’ve never used gift cards before, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in this guide.

What Are Gift Cards?

If you’re an avid video game player, you’ve surely come across gift cards in stores or online. These are prepaid cards with a set money amount on them. They cost as much as the value. For example, a gift card of $10 is worth 10 bucks. These come in multiple variants and types, and usually with 4 or 5 different values.

Why are they called gift cards? Because they don’t require sharing any personal details and can be gifted to another person. For example, you can buy your gamer friend a PSN voucher from the store that they can use to fill their wallet up and buy the latest games. The same can be said for gift cards that can be used at gambling sites. They work in the same way, requiring no personal info.

Most of these cards have a set amount of cash that you can either spend at once or over a few times. There are only a few cards that you can replenish with more cash, and those are hard to find.

Some gift cards are made by companies they’re meant to be spent on, while others use payment providers such as Visa and MasterCard for the same.

Different Types of Gift Cards

There are two different types of gift cards for you to be aware of. The first one is more common than the other, but if you want to top up the funds on your card, you might opt for the second.

  • Closed-loop gift cards: the name says it all. Closed-loop gift cards have a set amount of money on them which can’t be replenished. These cards are most often used at major online merchants and casinos. This is the type used at one of the best online casinos that accept gift cards. They don’t require activation and are fee-free as well. These cards aren’t linked to a special operator, so they lack the processor’s icon. They offer a single service and have an expiration date, so you must use them for a limited period.
  • Open-loop gift cards: contrary to closed-loop gift cards, open-loop cards can be replenished with small amounts of money. These gift cards usually require a one-time activation fee, usually in the range of $5. They have a processor’s 3D icon on them and are usually linked to a bank or payment provider that processes the funds.

Both types of gift cards are popular for online gambling and other services. Some can only be bought digitally; others you can find in stores. When it comes to their look, they closely resemble credit cards. Some gift cards can be registered online, enabling extra security features and allowing the user to check the remaining balance every time they want.

Fees, Transactions, and Limits

As mentioned earlier, most gift cards are very limited in terms of cash. In general, you’ll find many with a minimum amount of $10, with the maximum ranging between $100 and $1,000. The latter are much less common, with most prepaid gift cards offering amounts up to $100.

Closed-loop gift cards have no activation fees. You won’t pay any fees when you use gift cards in online casinos or merchants. Some gift cards, however, will charge an activation fee that will usually cost you up to $5.

When it comes to the limits, they are usually set in stone. Keep in mind that most cards won’t let you replenish the funds. Even when they do, it’ll most likely be limited to smaller amounts, so gift cards aren’t exactly great for high rollers.

How to Use a Gift Card?

Using a gift card is very easy. It depends on the service you’re using it. All of them have a 12-digit code you need to enter in order to spend the money on the card. If you’re using a gift card on your Sony PlayStation, you can redeem the code from your profile and top up your wallet. With a full wallet, you can buy any game you like.

It’s similar to casino sites. Enter the code in the designated area, and you’ll add funds to your account. Of course, you’ll first need to choose the provider from the list of payment methods so that you can enable the code.

  • Register at a casino or online merchant;
  • Have the gift card close at hand;
  • Enter the code in the designated area;
  • The funds should be at your disposal instantly.

One could say that using gift cards at online casinos is even easier than using other payment options. As soon as you enter the code, the money’s yours to keep. Keep in mind that you’ll usually have 12 months to spend the funds, so make sure to put them to good use.

What Can You Use Gift Cards for?

This unusual form of payment system can be used in more ways than you can imagine. They are a great substitute for real money when you need to pay for products or services online. You can also use them at restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, and other locations. If you don’t know if the business accepts gift cards, you can ask the customer support agents or clerks.

In most cases, though, they are used for digital services. Console and PC video games can be bought with gift cards, and so can other stuff online. You can even use them for numerous other services, such as topping up your casino account.

Playstation Store

Sony’s Playstation is a world leader when it comes to console gaming. The latest one, PS5, has already beaten records even with limited availability at launch. The PS Store is home to thousands of fantastic games. Whether you prefer a single-player story that goes deep or multiplayer with a variety of features and modes, there’s a game for you in the Playstation store. You can even subscribe to the PSNow service and get instant access to hundreds of games or use the PS+ service to get free games every month and test your skills online.

Whether it’s games or a service you want to pay for, the Playstation console accepts gift cards. As a matter of fact, it only accepts a few payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and gift cards. The latter can be used to top up your virtual PS wallet. Once the funds have landed, you can spend them any way you want to.

The cool thing about PS gift cards is that they can be bought virtually or in a store. There are various denominations – $10, $20, $25, $50, $60, or $100. Whatever you want to spend, you can easily get it. No need to use the full amount at once – the remaining funds will be safely tucked away in your PS wallet.

All you need to do is redeem the 12-digit code on your profile page. The funds will be added instantly, so you can buy the latest games or pay for various services.


Xbox gift cards work in the same way as PS cards. They can be bought from the Microsoft Store, Amazon, or many land-based stores. The cool thing about buying them from the Microsoft Store is the fact that you can get them from $1 to $100 in 1 dollar increments. Say, for example, a game is $75 – instead of buying a $100 gift card, you can just top your Xbox wallet with $75 and get the game. That’s neat.

You can buy the gift cards for your Xbox from a variety of stores, and they’re quite easy to use. If you’re not that interested in sharing your financial details, this is the best alternative.


Amazon gift cards are among the most popular you can find online. These are redeemable for thousands of services and products on many stores, including Amazon. You can shop with them for special occasions, use them to book your next holiday, or just use them the way they were invented – as a gift.

You can get Amazon gift cards in many denominations. $20, $50, $100 or more – regardless of the amount, they’re a great alternative to a birthday present.

Online Casinos

Just like you can buy services or pay for games on consoles, you can play games with gift cards in online casinos too. While not many casino sites will allow you to use Amazon gift cards, there are prepaid vouchers that are essentially gift cards to top up your account balance.

As a matter of fact, gift cards are perfect for casino players, both new and seasoned veterans. They shield them from the stigma of playing in a casino while offering a simple way to boost your balance. These gift cards come in many different ‘sizes’ and are issued by major providers such as Visa.

Top Gift Cards to Use in Online Casinos


Visa and MasterCard are the world’s biggest payment providers. They offer credit and debit cards, but you can also buy them in the form of gift cards and deposit money in your casino account. The best thing about it is that you can buy them in whatever amount you want. All online casinos accept both providers, and the majority accept gift cards issued by either Visa or MasterCard.

Depositing with these cards is simple. You just visit the Cashier or Payments page and follow the instructions. Enter the 12-digit card number, and the funds will be instantly added to your account balance. These are the easiest gift cards to use and most widespread on the market. You can get them online or in a number of stores.

American Express

Just like Visa and MasterCard, American Express is a pretty popular gift card option. It works in the same way as a Visa or MasterCard gift card and can be bought in numerous stores. You can buy it in almost any amount and deposit it at online casinos that accept Amex gift cards with ease. No need to use it in full – you can simply use whatever you’re planning to spend and then spend the rest later.

American Express is a simple and easy way to make safe and secure transactions in online casinos. It’s quite a popular option in US casinos, but you can also use it internationally.


Paysafecard isn’t specifically a gift card but more of a prepaid voucher. It’s available in different amounts and can be bought virtually or in stores. The more common option is to buy it online since it’s easier to use. Another great thing about Paysafecard is the fact that it’s accepted in virtually all online casinos.

A major reason why players love using Paysafecard is the fact that it’s issued by one of the biggest payment providers in the business – Paysafe. It’s the group that also owns Neteller and Skrill, so it’s pretty valued in the gaming community.

Paysafecard vouchers work in the same way as gift cards. You enter a 12-digit code to redeem the funds and deposit them into your casino account. They will be instantly added to your balance without any fees, and the process is 100% safe and secure.


A payment service that was launched way back in 1985, Discover was established by retail giant Sears in the USA. While it’s not as popular as Visa or MasterCard, you can still find many casinos that accept Discover gift cards. Just like the others, these come in different values and are fully safe and secure to use.

Using a Discover gift card isn’t hard at all. You can redeem the voucher quickly and securely by selecting Discover from the list of options and entering the code. Once you do that, the money will land in your account right away, and you can spend it freely on all the games you want.

Pros and Cons of Using Gift Cards for Gambling

Just like with any payment method, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of using gift cards in online casinos. The good news is that the pros outweigh the cons, but there are drawbacks you should be aware of. Let’s talk about the pros first.


  • Gift cards are a great alternative for players who don’t want to share their bank account details online. They are a perfect option for new players who don’t want to spend much from the start.
  • Since the amount of money on gift cards is limited, they’re great for bankroll management. To translate, with gift cards, you should be able to gamble responsibly by controlling your spending.
  • Redeeming gift cards in online casinos is very easy – just enter the 12-digit code, and that’s it.
  • There are no fees associated with gift cards. Once you buy them, the money is yours to use.
  • They’re a great gift for casino fans.


  • The low limits of gift cards make them great for beginners but not for high rollers.
  • Some reloadable gift cards may have an activation fee.
  • Not all casinos accept gift cards.
  • Losing your gift card is a pain in the you-know-what. There’s no way to get the money back.
  • You can’t claim bonuses and casino offers with gift cards.

Where Can You Buy Gift Cards?

Where you get gift cards for casinos depends on their type and issuer. Visa and MasterCard gift cards are widely available in retail stores and online. Sometimes you may even be able to find them in convenience stores or gas stations. However, most people just buy vouchers online since the code can be mailed to your email account. This minimizes the risk of losing it.

Paysafecard is also available online and in stores. Before you get a gift card for your casino of choice, check the options first and see where you can buy them.


Gift cards are an inexpensive way to gamble online. They come in different amounts and can be used easily by new and seasoned players. There are no limits or fees (well, rarely); the money is yours to use right away. There are no confirmations with your bank, no account details to share, and no limits other than the cards’.

It’s an excellent option for all types of players and one we can wholeheartedly recommend, especially if you want to keep your gambling habit under control.

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