Yoel Romero was promised a title shot…

Yoel Romero had just beaten former middleweight champion Chris Weidman at UFC 205 with a brutal knee to the head. He called out to Bisping in an epically translated post-fight interview, and the champion flipped him off in response. We thought we had our next middleweight title fight. What we didn’t know then was that a Georges St. Pierre UFC return was brewing, and GSP wanted Bisping.

Bisping has been calling for a “big money” fight ever since he defeated Luke Rockhold for the belt. It looks like he’s going to get his wish, while Yoel Romero is left to wait.

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Georges St. Pierre vs. Michael Bisping

After a 3 year hiatus George St. Pierre is back in the UFC. His return has thrown things for a loop in the middleweight division, now with several potential challengers seemingly years away from a possible title opportunity.

St. Pierre’s decision not to go after the welterweight championship which he once held may have to do with Tristar’s relationship with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. While Thompson’s coach will always be his father, he has a history with Tristar. The Montreal based team lists Thompson as one of their fighters on their website.

GSP recently referred to Thompson as “the best striker” he’d ever seen, and is clearly not interested in competing for the same title as him. In the wake of GSP’s decision to go up to middleweight, a title fight with Bisping is the most spectacular way to reintroduce a once dominate champion back to the sport.

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Yoel Romero’s Reaction

The question then becomes “How will Yoel Romero react to this?”. When asked that same question by ESPN moments after announcing the fight, Dana White simply said that he’ll handle Romero. White’s vague response may indicate he has something in mind.

Normally quick with his responses, Yoel Romero has been silent ever since the bout was announced. Members of the media reached out to Romero’s camp and received a guarded response.

“We don’t have any comment right now other than Yoel wishes GSP well in his return. He’ll talk more about this soon.”

Those are the comments from a camp that wants to hear what White has to say before going public with a response. That’s smart.

On the other side of the coin is Jacare Souza and his team. They opted to go with a much more blunt response when reached for comment.

“Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping is now Michael ‘The King’ Bisping, he just got promoted! Money fights win again.”

Souza may have a point. The middleweight championship hasn’t been defended against a top ranked 185lbers since Luke Rockhold beat Chris Weidman for the belt in 2015. GSP vs. Bisping could be the only middleweight title fight for all of 2017. It’s a tough division to get a fair shake in.

Yoel Romero has since posted the following series of cryptic tweets:

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