10 Times MMA Fighter’s Attacked The Referee

By ross
10 Times MMA Fighter’s Attacked The Referee

The first priority of an MMA referee is to look out for the health and safety of the two fighters they are locked in the cage with, but sometimes it’s their own safety that becomes most at risk as tempers fray and fists start flying.

In this article we’ll look at 10 times when fighter’s have lost their cool and committed the cardinal sin of attacking the third man in the cage.

Takeo Shiina

Takeo Shiina completely lost the plot after a fight with Jung Hyun Lee at Grachan 5 in Japan back in 2010.

The strange thing is that the fight couldn’t have gone better for Shiina.  Early in the opening round he landed a left hand flush to the jaw of Lee and sent him crashing to the canvas unconscious.

What came next was disturbing as Shiina callously continued to land repeated blows to his opponent even as the referee, Samio Kimura attempted to intervene.

In fact, Kimura, a veteran of many fight promotions including PRIDE, DREAM, Sengoku and Pancrase, was then also assaulted by Shiina, taking a hard knee to the body as he tried to stop the attack.

Shiina showed no remorse for his actions, and instead immediately turned his attention back to punching Lee until cornermen and other officials rushed in to restrain him.

Needless to say Shiina was disqualified for his disgraceful behavior, which brought his fighting career to an abrupt end.