UFC has emerged as the ultimate entertainment extravaganza over the recent years, pumping in loads of cash and frenzy spectators. People just can’t get enough of trained MMA fighters taking blows on each other inside the famed Octagon. The sheer moments of drama and tension, the nail-biting knockouts, the glory of victory, and the agony of defeat, all make for a top-class entertainment show.

Behind the scenes, there is more to a UFC fight than you can picture in your mind. The big ego-headed fighters square off against each other, trash talk each other in media conferences, and take jabs on each other inside the ring. These shenanigans have become the ultimate recipe for success, with UFC fights attracting sponsors and endorsements like honey to bees.

It is no doubt that the world’s most popular UFC fighters walk home with a fat load of cash. And with their larger-than-life personalities, it comes as no surprise that UFC fighters splurge their money on the sickest cars available on the market. Today we delve through the garages of 10 popular UFC fighters and feast our eyes on the finest selection of cars that money can buy, including the bread-and-butter Ford F-150 in an expensive avatar.

Josh Koscheck

Car in the spotlight: Ferrari F430

Personally, a Ferrari F430 is always a sight to behold on the streets, regardless of its style and decor. However, when Josh Koscheck decided to own a Ferrari F430, he was adamant about ensuring that his supercar would be unlike any other Ferrari on the street. Josh desired to give his Ferrari F430 his own personal touch to highlight his success and wealth.

At California Wheels, Josh had his Ferrari equipped with Vellano wheels and exclusive blacked-out accents. Although the normal Ferrari F430 looks elegant from every angle, Josh’s Ferrari extravagantly exhibits what money can buy.

Cain Velasquez

Car in the spotlight: Ford F-150

Cain Velasquez’s custom Ford F-150 is another masterpiece put together by our very own California Wheels. At this rate, it seems that this place has gone through the referral list of every UFC fighter out there.

Cain’s monster F-150 is nothing to be sneezed at either, with the truck sporting a Rolling Big Power grill, a suspension lift, and massive 20-inch Rolling Big Power T904 wheels. One look at this beast could stop any contender dead in its tracks.

Dominick Cruz

Car in the spotlight: 2012 Nissan GT-R

Dominick Cruz is often spotted ripping the streets of San Diego in his trusty old 2012 Nissan GT-R. This car holds a special place in his heart, as it was bestowed to him as a bonus when he emerged victorious against Demetrious Johnson in a UFC title match. Dominick particularly chose the Nissan GT-R over the flashy Lamborghinis that other UFC fighters drive.

He admires a car that drives well rather than a car that just looks good, hence he cherishes the GT-R as a trophy. Dominick’s Nissan GT-R is also particularly rarer than other models. He often takes his car out for a stroll during the daytime outside of rush hours or de-stresses himself with a quick trip to Escondido.

Chuck Liddell

Car in the spotlight: BMW 760Li

Chuck Lidell is a huge fan of the BMW 760Li’s uncompromised comfort and opulence. He has owned this ride since 2013 and has also claimed it as the most comfortable car he ever had. The BMW has TVs in the back as well as massage chairs, that keep his family seated in prime luxury.

The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion previously owned a Ferrari F430, which was unfortunately not an ideal choice for a father. The BMW does make amends with its thrilling speed, although it doesn’t look as exciting as the Ferrari. Don’t say this in front of Chuck though.

Stipe Miocic

Car in the spotlight: Dodge Ram Rebel

Stipe Miocic is a certified truck guy, as he simply loves the feeling of taking his dogs on a ride out in his gigantic Dodge Ram Rebel. The former 2-time UFC Heavyweight Champion adores his all-black-colored truck, although he only has one complaint.

The seats don’t have any ventilation functionality onboard, meaning they turn into a hot stove on fierce summer days. Regardless, Stipe enjoys taking his beast out on a stroll, with the air suspension giving it a lift on off-road terrain and the colossal tires replicating the fighter’s macho personality.

Anthony Pettis

Car in the spotlight: Dodge Charger

Anthony Pettis has an undeniable affection for cars, as he owned a powerful Dodge Charger in his favorite black color. Anthony says that his Charger represents his native land of Milwaukee, and he is very passionate about his Charger as this was his first brand new buy.

To shower more love on his car, Anthony sent his car out to Toyo Tires in Los Angeles for a complete makeover. There, he had the technicians refit his car with a widebody, an air ride suspension, 22s, and a new sound system.

Anthony was also the proud owner of a Cadillac Escalade and a flat-black INFINITI G37x Sedan. If you are wondering why we are referring to the cars in the past tense, here is a little spoiler (the cars were set on fire on one unfortunate day, apparently as an act of vandalism to discourage him from one of his upcoming fights).

Ronda Rousey

Car in the spotlight: Honda Accord LX

After all the star-studded cars we have seen so far, this one probably comes in as a pleasant surprise. Ronda’s Honda Accord LX was one of her dearest cars, having accompanied the MMA fighter through thick and thin.

Ronda referred to her sedan affectionately as the Fonda and even glued some of her medals and memorabilia to the sedan. Eventually, she had to part ways with the car as it left a bad taste on her extravagant status. Ronda sold this car on eBay for $21300, which is almost the price of a new Honda Accord.

Antonio Silva

Car in the spotlight: Maserati Gran Turismo

Antonio ‘Bigfoot Silva’ was in for the treat of his life, when he knocked out Alastair Overeem. His sponsors Sienna Motors hooked him up with a brand-new Maserati Gran Turismo. UFC also rewarded him with a $50000 bonus. However, the sponsors may have been left regretting their decision, as Silva reportedly pulled out of a UFC fight under suspicious circumstances.

Things went all downhill after that, as UFC dropped him from his lineup only after 3 years since he won this beauty of a car. The Maserati Gran Turismo represents the pinnacle of success, but it wasn’t meant to be unfortunately in Silva’s case.

Max Holloway

Car in the spotlight: Dodge Daytona

Max Holloway posted the snap of this beauty on social media with a simple caption entitled ‘Dodge’. We feel this caption is enough to relay the imposing personality of the Dodge Daytona. The car’s aggressive front end has to be its most eye-catching aspect, alongside the yellow and black highlights across the bodywork, as well as blacked-out windows.

Conor McGregor

Car in the spotlight: Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

The ultimate bad guy of UFC sure has plenty of clout as evident by his super-expensive car fleet. McGregor’s craze for expensive cars is no new fact, as he is the owner of exotic cars like the Rolls-Royce Dawn, Cadillac Escalade, BMW i8, Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, and many more.

However, the king of his fleet definitely has to be the ultra-rich Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. This Rolls is the epitome of pure class and elegance and is an utterly refined ride, a car worthy of a true gentleman. Still, the fact that a heavily tattooed guy is the owner of such a lavish gentleman’s car does seem amusing at times.

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