With the advent of technology, the whole world is accessible from the palm of your hand – your mobile phone. While everything has made its way online, casinos didn’t stay behind. You can now enjoy situs judi slot online along with many other casino games – most popular being Poker – and for all the right reasons.

Poker is, without a doubt, a fun game to play. It is also one of the most common games played in bars and casinos. However, as a beginner, you might find it difficult to play. If you are looking for quick and easy poker strategies, you are in luck today.

We have compiled a guide specifically for beginners, helping you become a confident player from your very first game. However, keep in mind, the guide doesn’t help you win every time. It helps you in improving your game. Once your game is enhanced, you can play cash games, video poker, poker tournaments, live poker game, etc. However, before getting into the tips and tricks, let’s learn the basics first.

How to Play Poker?

Poker game is played online, video terminal, or in a bar alongside friends. The game is typically played with a 52-card deck. Each card included in the game holds a certain value. The cards include numerical value (from 1-10) as well suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs).

In addition, face cards obtain significant value as compared to numerical cards. The order of face cards is Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The common and basic version of the game is a five-card draw.

When the game begins, the dealer gives five cards to each player. This is referred to as your ‘hand.’ Each player owns one opportunity and can send up to three cards back. It is because of a better hand, and definitely for a better payout.

Poker Hands

The poker hands, ranked lowest to highest payout are listed as follows:

  • Pair: Includes two card of the same value
  • Two Pairs: As the name suggests, it includes two pairs of the equal value
  • Three of a kind: Includes three card of the same value
  • Straight: Five sequential cards, but not the same suit ( for ex: 4,5,6,7,8)
  • Flush: All cards are of the similar suit
  • Full house: Three cards include the same value and two matching values in cards ( such as three 7’s and two 4’s)
  • Four of a kind: Includes four cards of matching value
  • Straight flush: Number of five cards in sequence but all the matching suit
  • Royal Flush: Include Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 in the similar suit

Types of Poker Games

If we talk about video terminal poker, quite a few variations of the game are available. The variations listed as follows are:

  • Deuces Wild: The number 2 cards are wild cards
  • Jacks or Better: A pair needs to be a jack, or it can be better
  • Double Bonus Poker: Commonly referred to as a variation of the above type. However, the payout included is higher for a four-of-a-kind
  • Joker Poker: An extra card is included in the game, which is JOKER. The game is a 53 card deck. In this game, pair of King is the lowest that you might win. Additionally, with the wild card, you can get hold of five of a kind.
  • Triple Ace Poker: A winning pair must include Aces. Any ace pair in your hand leads you towards free games.

Tips and Tricks Required to Create a Poker Strategy

Here is a rundown of tips and tricks that creates a successful poker strategy.

Play with few hands, but play aggressively

A limit is placed on how many starting hands are included in the game. It is even for the world’s best poker players. Additionally, if you try to play with several hands, you might bleed away with a chip stack.

Never be the first player to limp

When you enter a pot as the first player, limping is a big NO for you. It should be avoided for the following reasons, listed as follows:

  • You might not win before the flop.
  • You can offer players enticing pot odds. It gives off a chance, and you are likely to face multiple players. In turn, there are few chances of you winning the pot.

The only accurate way when you can opt for limping is when another player limped already.

It is over-limping, and it is a good play. You might get great pot odds and join the action so, you might hit off something good on the flop.

Opt for semi-bluff alongside your draws

If you want to ace it completely, you are required to play bluff aggressively. However, ineffective ways of bluffing are the easiest way to lose all your earnings. The effective strategy related to bluffing is when you let the cards dictate you, to bluff or not. Additionally, think of draws beforehand in case your bluff gets failed.

Play fast with your strong hands, and create a pot to earn more money

Slow playing is often a common mistake, commonly observed among players who are scared to chase their opponents out of the pot when they obtain strong poker hands. Most of the time, it is best to bet with your strong hands and create a pot to protect equity.

Defend your big blind

The big blind is a special position. It is because; you already obtain 1 big blind, which is invested in the pot. In addition, whenever you experience a rise in the big blind, you might obtain better pot odds. Think of it as a discount offer.

Attack your weakened opponent

Players don’t usually check with hands and don’t call multiple bets as normally they should. This means that when they check, they’ve already obtained an inadequate hand, which folds often when multiple bets are placed.

When your opponent shows weakness, specifically in a heads pot game, you can opt for an advantage by using bluffing strategy.

Additionally, if you opt for an online poker game, make sure you are aware of the table statistics. It is displayed on most websites. It is a key online poker strategy, often missed by beginners.

Playing poker online is fun and exhilarating. Once you know the basics, there’s no stopping!

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