VIDEO: Dana White tempting Khabib to return

During an episode on Dana White Lookin for a Fight, Khabib was invited to sit beside them and watch the fight together. Khabib had teammates and colleagues scheduled to fight in the event. During the middle of the event, Dana White whispered to Khabib that the fight of Mcgregor vs Poirier 2 is trending to be bigger than his fight with Mcgregor.

“This fight with Poirier is trending bigger than the fight with you and Conor on Pay Per View. Imagine what you and Conor would do another F#@$!NG fight” Dana whispered

As seen in the 15:00 mark of the video, Dana tempting Khabib to return for a guaranteed big pay day. Khabib just giggled on the idea and moved on. His body language seems he is not interested in fighting someone who he beat decisively.

In the video, there also showed some closer details about Khabib, saying he does not want to hurt his opponents, and would rather let them sleep. The only exception would be Conor Mcgregor where his emotion got the better of him. He then admitted that him tiring out was due to his anger towards Conor and has learned from it.

It is not only Dana who wants the Khabib to return, almost everyone wants him to return. His fans and lightweight contenders want him since he is in his peak and looked invincible. He has not lost a step and to see him retire on his prime could ask a question of what could have been.

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