The Minnesota Timberwolves have selected Anthony Edwards as their number 1 pick. Edwards is a guard that can shoot effortlessly. It could be a good addition to their young core of D’Angelo Russell and Karl Anthony Towns. The team’s last playoff appearance was in 2018 when they lost in the first round against the Rockets.

Most experts could describe Edwards’s play kinda like James Harden, where he can drive and shoot the ball.  Edwards is a 6 foot 5 guard who is from Georgia. When Edwards heard the news that he was the first pick, tears were coming out of his eyes.

Edwards lost his mom and grandma to cancer, that is why he put a tribute for them. With number 5 as his number marking the day of the month, he lost both of them. During the NBA draft, he had a small tribute honoring his mom and grandmother.

The Second Draft pick, the Golden State Warriors selected James Wiseman. The team needed a big man for their starting five and now they have it. The 7’1 Center has a huge potential to be a prolific center. Although he plays like a traditional center, he still got time to develop to adapt to how the centers play the game.

With Klay Thompson not playing the whole season, the team had to get another guard to play. The team got Kelly Oubre who may not be the same level as Klay Thompson, but can still be a valuable asset. The Golden State Warriors are likely to be at least top 4 in the western conference coming into the season.

The Charlotte Hornets selected Lamelo Ball for the third pick in the draft. Lamelo is the younger brother of Lonzo who was the second pick from the Lakers. Lamelo is the most famous in terms of popularity among the 3 draft picks but the team chooses in terms of who is compatible with their lineup.

Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets and Ball said it is truly a blessing that he got chosen by the team Jordan owns. With Kemba Walker leaving the Charlotte Hornets, Lamelo Ball could be the next star point guard to take over the team. Though they may  not likely go to the playoffs, this year. It would still be fun to watch Ball try to beat the odds and make the team better.

These may be the three top draft picks, there is always a chance that they won’t leave up to their potentials. Some players get overlooked, or some are just overrated. Players like Giannis Antetekounmpo and Malcolm Brogdon were not even top 10 draft picks but they still are elite players.

The bottom line is it would be exciting how the young rookies would fare in the NBA, will they shine bright on the biggest stage or fold under the pressure. The NBA restart will be on Dec 22. Who will reign as the team to win it all? Will the GSW return? Or Will the Lakers repeat? It is going to be an exciting season to watch.




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