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‘The Notorious’ Made A Brief Court Appearance Today… Very Very Brief

Conor McGregor made his return to court today in Brooklyn, New York to face charges of criminal assault and criminal mischief, after his ludicrous bus attack, in the Barclay Center, at UFC 223 back in April. He entered a plea agreement and left very quickly.

The Irishman spent the night in a Brooklyn precinct and was released on bail of $50,000. Along with fellow SBG Dublin fighter Cian Cowley, his court date was set for 9 am EST today, Thursday, June 14. He flew over by private jet to face the judge’s decision.

McGregor’s court appearance did not last as long as you might have expected but still couldn’t beat his 13-second record against Jose Aldo. He was only inside for 45 seconds, with his case adjourned until July 26. Ouch. That’s a real pain for the former lightweight champion. All that private jet fuel and those legal fees for less than a minute inside.

What Does it Mean?

The Irishman’s legal team released a statement on behalf of the “Notorious,” outside of the Brooklyn Superior Court. It was short, concise and pretty much gave nothing away. His representative read:

“I regret my actions that lead to today. I understand the seriousness of this matter and I am hopeful this will get worked out. Thank you, everyone.”

That’s pretty much it.

Plea Agreement

McGregor has been very quiet since the whole throwing a dolly through a window thing. His manager Audie Attar and close friend/training partner/fangirl Dillon Danis were present in support of the Irish fighter. Attar made a statement after the court appearance. He said:

“Today we’re here focused on court, we’re not going to talk about any future plans until this is all over.”

Attar seems very optimistic that it will all be overcome July. He confirmed that McGregor has entered a plea agreement and that they are in negotiations with the district attorney. If you want to put money on McGregor walking away with community service, now is the time. After all, he is the fourth richest athlete in the world. The Notorious is not going to jail. Now if it was you or me…

Date With Dana

The UFC, like the rest of the world, had their figures crossed that all of this could get sorted out. Then they would finally be able to get down to business and stop pretending that they care what McGregor has done. Dana White told TMZ yesterday that he has finally managed to book a meeting with the elusive Irishman. He said:

“He and I are meeting on the 18th of this month.”

It remains to be seen whether or not that will change now that McGregor remains in limbo. Fingers crossed that they will be able to book that insane potential fight against Khabib Nurmagamedov. That is most likely to be in Las Vegas on October 6, of this year. The UFC has booked the T-Mobile Arena. It’s not that difficult to read between the lines.

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