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The rivalry between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor has proved to be one of the most entertaining of all time…

The official UFC 202 media call went down last night (Friday August 5, 2016). Both Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz were the only guests on the call from UFC 202. The media were treated to some classic rants from both men.

That said, it was ‘The Notorious’ who levelled the score in terms of the trash talking stakes. In typical fashion of the popular Irishman, he put Diaz on blast during a long-winded rant.

Here’s the best quotes from the UFC 202 media call.

UFC 196 McGregor vs. Diaz Press Conference

I marched forward– In fairness for the first two rounds, for the first round and a half, he was a heavy bag with eyeballs.

I was correcting that but his durability held out, his experience held well for him so this time I’ve been preparing for that. I’ve been preparing for a durable, experienced fighter who has the reach, the height, and the length. And that’s it.

I feel very confident that we will go in and get this win back and put this man away.”

“I was saying I was going to stop the guy in the first round. If I really looked at it I’d have  thought, ‘he has a very soft chin, he’s durable, he’s very experienced, he has the size and the weight on me.’

I think that was the wrong thing to go in expecting. I did go up to KO him in the first round — I marched forward, backed him up against the fence and teed off on his head. I did what I said I would do but respect to him he stuck it out. He was durable, he was experienced, he weathered the storm.

This time, I will be — I mean I’m still gonna march forward, I’m still gonna press him, I’m still gonna push him, there’s just gonna be a lot more in my tank. I’m just gonna be a lot more prepared for a man who can stay in there with me.

But even still I struggle to give him past round three if I was to make a prediction, which I will right now, I believe I will repay the favor and KO him inside the second round.”

“I’m confident in my jiu jitsu. I don’t think — Nate is very skilled on the mat– I don’t think the difference between us in that fight was the jiu jitsu. I think it was the durability, the endurance, the experience.

I think that was the difference. When we were both fresh I ended up on the mat, he caught that kick, he got that takedown and I swept him. I was on top controlling the first round, he tried a triangle and I stopped that.

Looked to pass, he looked to take the legs, I was landing shots, I was– I am confident on the mat with Nate. After that I’ve brought in heavier people, more experienced jiu jitsu people to come and push me daily.

I will be experienced for the jiu jitsu in the later rounds also.”

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