Imagine being an athlete, training your whole life to become one of the best in your craft but then you get offered to fight someone who just started 3-4 years ago, but the pay is massive. That is the case with Kamaru Usman, as Jake Paul just offered him $10M to have a boxing match.

Dan Hardy then posted in his twitter account, the situation with Usman’s career.

Although Usman declined the offer of Jake Paul, who could blame him if he did accept the fight. He will be fighting some Youtuber for a quick night but still end up with his biggest fight purse throughout his career.

One major example is Ben Askren who lost to Jake Paul, despite being an undefeated champion in two major organizations, Bellator and ONE, his fight with Jake Paul became his biggest payday and he fought in less than a round.

Usman is currently the best welterweight in the planet and whoever he fights next will not be even close to how much he will get paid if he fights Jake Paul. In terms of the fighter pay, the UFC fighters need to get a bigger slice of the pie compared to the current one.

If this was boxing, Jones, McGregor and most champions would get more than what they are earning right now. The exclusive sponsorship deal also puts the fighter’s pay in a fixed rate compared to before where they were free to get sponsors on their fight kits.

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