2. Dolph Lundgren

The guy who played Ivan Drago in Rocky IV is no joke, just ask Sylvester Stallone.

Lundgren has a legit martial arts background, namely in Kyokushin karate, in which he won the world championships in 1980 and 81. But he’s not on this list because of what he has done in martial arts, he’s on this list for what did to the guy playing Rocky Balboa.

During the filming of Rocky IV, Stallone wanted to make the scenes look as real as possible. So Stallone informed Dolph that he should hit him as hard as he can. Lundgren went along with the plan, but ended up doing massive damage to Stallone. According to Stallone, he was placed in intensive care for 9 days with injuries to his heart. Stallone would also claim that the insurance company originally denied his claim, believing that his injuries were consistent with a car accident and not something that occurred on a movie set. That’s how powerful Dolph Lundgren is.

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