Top Ten Most Hated MMA Fighters

Mixed martial arts wouldn’t be nearly as fun if it wasn’t for fighters that we love to hate. Hating a fighter and watching them get beat up is just as fun as supporting a fighter and watching them when a title!

There are a few notable omissions from this list that could use some explaining. Tito Ortiz did not make the list, despite being very hated.

While Ortiz does garner a lot of hate, he also has a lot of people who cheer him. In fact when he fights, Ortiz is usually cheered. The guys on this list are the ones who get booed.

Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping both have a lot of detractors, but ultimately it was decided that the fighters on this list are a little more hated than they are.

This article celebrates the top ten most hated fighters in MMA…

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