There’s perhaps nothing more satisfying than seeing a bully get what they deserve. Well, maybe there is, and that’s seeing a bully face a trained UFC fighter. Today’s article has a few twists to the usual plot, though.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski is the one dishing out the punishment. Unusually though, ‘The Pitbull’ is actually outweighed by the bully. That’s right, even though he’s facing a UFC fighting machine, the bully is still the Goliath in this equation.


Andrei Arlovski

In case you didn’t know, Andrei Arlovski is a very popular UFC heavyweight. ‘The Pitbull’ held the heavyweight title for the UFC back in 2005. He’s beaten Tim Sylvia, Travis Browne, Brendan Schaub, Frank Mir, Bigfoot Silva and many others.

When appearing on Mayhem Miller’s MTV show ‘Bully Beatdown,’ the giant Arlovski was actually faced with an opponent much bigger than he is. Nathan is a waanabe gangster who picks on his brother and needed teaching a lesson.


Beatdown Video Below

Unfortunately for the bully in this scenario, size doesn’t mean everything. The overwhelming technique advantage that Arlovski possesses was easily enough to win this battle of titans in the cage.

You can watch he video of the beatdown on the player below. Skip to the 15-minute mark for the start of the striking round, or the 10-minute mark for both submissions and striking.


Michelle Waterson

Although the popular series was eventually cancelled, the premise is still a very popular one. Plenty of videos of classic episodes have been floating around. That includes one show featuring ‘Karate Hottie’ Michelle Waterson.

The UFC strawweight star took on a female bully when she appeared on ‘Bully Beatdown.’ She didn’t face a size disadvantage like Arlovski, though. Next set to face Paige VanZant in the UFC, watch Waterson’s beatdown of the vulgar bully on the player below:

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