UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and world beating former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather have been the talk of the town lately. They’ve been involved in some pretty serious stirring of the pots, with wild rumours of a proposed boxing match dominating the headlines.

‘The Notorious’ is yet to defend his featherweight title, and many fans are crying out for his title to be stripped. After losing to welterweight Nate Diaz at UFC 196, McGregor’s team mate revealed the Irishman didn’t want to cut down to 145 pounds again.


There’s no denying it’s a very harsh cut for McGregor, and if he really is planning on fighting Floyd Mayweather at 147 pounds, why hold on to the title? The answer lies within the question in his case.

Is McGregor really attempting to fight against Mayweather in a boxing match? Many believe this whole drama has been staged to show the UFC the real pulling power of a star like the Irish champ.


McGregor posted a fight poster for the boxing match with Mayweather a few weeks back, and it prompted UFC president Dana White to tell ‘Money’ to call him if he wanted to box against McGregor.

So what about Mayweather’s latest stunt? It just so happened he posted this inflammatory poster DURING last night’s UFC Fight Night 88 broadcast.

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