Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman LEG SNAP

article-0-1A53C36A00000578-905_634x502[1] This was the rematch fans waited for. After the anticipation was built up and people were able to soak in what is known as the biggest upset in history because it was Silva who lost, Chris Weidman gifted the world with another lasting impression.

Weidman checked a strong low kick from the former champion and the snap heard around the world became the most famous injury the UFC had ever had. Anderson “The Spider” Silva who was known for such strong leg kicks fired one to the outside leg of the champion and immediately after the kick was thrown, Silva was down grimacing in pain and agony while trying to reach towards his mangled leg.

The champion instantly knew there was going to be no more action and he was right there to help the injured challenger any way he could.  After the freak accident, Weidman said directly after the fight that “ No matter what happened, Anderson Silva is still known as the greatest of all time.”  Weidman also said that he had worked on checking the leg kicks of Anderson Silva because in their first fight, “The Spider” had hurt him with the lower leg kicks.

Before the injury, both fighters really showed they were up to the task of possibly the greatest title fight ever.  Unfortunately, MMA fans were not given an epic five round fight that many had expected. At just 1:16 seconds of the second round, Chris Weidman successfully defended his UFC middleweight title via TKO vs Anderson “ The Spider” Silva.

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