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For as long as there have been fighters willing to take on one another in combat, there have been onlookers willing to stake money on the outcome, not to mention enterprising bookmakers ready to offer tempting odds and take their bets.  

Sports betting, in general, has seen a lot of change over the past few years. Across the US, in particular, new betting markets have opened up as a result of legal reform. But technology has also fundamentally changed the way we bet on sport – especially with the introduction of live betting. 

Pre-fight vs. live betting 

Before the internet age, pre-fight betting was the only option when betting on a fight meant standing in line with your betting slip and your money. The bookie would stop taking bets a certain amount of time before the fight started, just as he would stop taking bets on a horse race or a football match a few minutes before the kickoff.   

Online betting has opened up new opportunities in live betting. Bookmakers can keep accepting bets on a fight – or a race or any other sports event – while it is in progress. It makes for fast and furious action, as odds will change suddenly and dramatically as one fighter gains ascendency over another. Clearly, in the days of physical betting slips, live betting would have been completely impractical.   

Remember to check the basics 

There are some fundamental things that apply to all forms of sports betting. Whether you are betting live or pre-fight, you can put yourself at a serious advantage by making use of any gambling bonuses that are on offer. These can reduce or completely cover off your exposure if you have, say, a free bet as an introductory offer. Just be sure to read the small print to avoid disappointment if you win! 

See the big picture 

We mentioned that live betting could be fast and furious. But to be successful is as much about knowing when to sit on your hands as when to act. The bookie will be shifting the odds all the time, and it can be tempting to pile in with a bet every time. The real art to live betting is to focus on the game, to read what is happening, and only to jump in with a bet when you think the odds are in your favor. This is likely to be a narrow window of opportunity, so there’s no room for indecision or faint-heartedness. 

Be strict with your bankroll  

Live betting provides fabulous opportunities in horse racing, football, tennis, and especially combat sports like MMA and boxing. However, it also opens up the possibility of wagering far more on a fight than if you had placed a traditional pre-fight bet and then sat down to watch the action.

By all means, give live betting a try – but do so with a strategy in mind, never chase losses and always stick to your betting limits.

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