Goosebumps watching this…

It feels like we’ve stepped in to a mixed martial arts time machine and have been fired back to 2009, when giants ruled the earth. The UFC heavyweight division was all about sheer size and power back then.

Brock Lesnar ruled the UFC 265-pound division after defeating Randy Couture for the belt at UFC 91. The milestone pay-per-view event that broke all records was just around the corner, and the World Wrestling Entertainment star led the assault that would break all records.


Just like he helped destroy the UFC record for PPV buys with over 1.5 million for UFC 100, Lesnar took out his furious anger on Frank Mir’s face. Brock won by TKO and was beginning to gain some serious steam.

But just as he began to close in on becoming a true legend of the sport, hard times and gruelling losses presented themselves. Lesnar’s win over Shane Carwin at UFC 116 would mark the end of his winning ways.


After two very tough losses to Alistair Overeem and Cain Velasquez, and battling illness, Lesnar decided to call it a day. Just as quick as he’d swept up the attention of the MMA world, the huge wrestling beast had crept out the back door.

Until now…

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