Six Martial Arts That Will Get You Killed In Real Life

Most legitimate martial arts are centuries old, created for a reason and have a scientific base behind them. When you look at styles such as kickboxing or Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, boxing and certain grappling arts, they all have reason and truly applicable science.

As a rule of thumb, any martial art that seems fishy, or potentially couldn’t be used in real life is most likely as fake as it seems. Unfortunately many frauds manage to find their way to relative success on the back of these phoney fighting styles.

It’s not to say that these ‘martial arts’ aren’t pleasing in terms of a funny display, but why train students in a style that only works in the gym? Surely the base reason of martial arts is self discipline, respect and self defense!

These BS martial arts practices will get you killed in a real life fight situation, so don’t use this article for any other reasons than to educate yourself on fake martial arts and also to laugh at the clowns.

Here we go with ‘Six Martial Arts That Will Get You Killed in Real Life’…



This famously terrible and false martial art is actually derived from the Japanese term for the noise made when executing a strike in Karate. This d-bag made internet fame when he tried to test out his ‘martial art’ against someone not from his dojo.

Not a good look for the ‘master’ there.

The madness continues on page 2…


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