So this average Joe turns up at a mixed martial arts gym and says he can beat the instructor, then he trolls the instructor’s wife. The MMA fighter has enough and accepts the challenge. Watch the video…

So we are back to the question that gets asked more and more these days, when is it acceptable to use your martial arts training? Furthering that thought, when is it OK to use your fighting abilities over a clearly untrained individual?

We famously saw Dominick Cruz fighting a self proclaimed ‘Ninja’ during a recent viral video, and you’ll remember the Muay Thai vs. Wing Chun fight that went seriously too far. But today we have another prime example, featuring a far more brutal ending.

dominick cruz ufc mma vs ninja
Dominick Cruz hates ninjas

The subject of today’s article is a viral video that’s currently doing the rounds, that shows an apparently untrained man being brutally worked by a mixed martial artist. This is what it appears to be upon first viewing at least.

The truth is, like many stories you hear, quite different and goes deeper. Check out the whole story, followed by the video:


Meet King Webb (pictured right) who teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Seguin MMA, and is also a black belt and owner of his own BJJ school. He is a blac belt under Rilson Gracie. Also a pro MMA fighter, he’s pretty much tough as hell.

Check out the story and video:

So this guy drops in and watches my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class and he tells me that the art does not work and that his TKD, Boxing, Akido, shootfighting blend can defeat Jiu-Jitsu/MMA in a REAL Streetfight. It irritated me to say the least but I blew him off and he left the school. He then proceeded to call my wife and I challenging me to a match numerous times for about 6 weeks. I declined, but then he started telling people in town I was afraid of him and even went and challenged my 54 year old Thai Boxing instructor. The next time he called I accepted his challenge and this is a video of the 2 matches.

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