MMA has gotten increasingly ridiculous in recent years…

Arguably one of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time recently clanged a boomerang off the top of Colby Covington’s head. This is further evidence that MMA is becoming harder and harder to distinguish from professional wrestling.

“He f*cked up,” Covington said. “There’s video and I speak the truth. He will be exposed soon, probably end up in Australia prison.”

“He wrote a check his ass can’t cash. He’s on video so all his lies will be told soon.”

The incident is reminiscent of the Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino and Angela Magana confrontation at the UFC Athlete’s Retreat. Cyborg punched Magana during that incident, which is significantly less amusing than using a boomerang, unfortunately.

Joe Rogan recently gave his thoughts on the incident, although he did have to choke back laughter to do so.

Covington announced plans to charge Werdum shortly after the incident. The UFC has sent Covington home and he will not be in attendance on Saturday.

MMA fighters, such as Dan Hooker, are a good judges of when something’s going to go down. Check out his video of the altercation below:

Colby Covington versus Brazil

After defeating Demian Maia in Brazil last month, Covington enraged the live crowd by referring to Brazil as a “dump” and referring to Brazilians as “filthy”. Many have speculated Covington was looking to gain some notoriety for the comments but he also may have upset some of his teammates at American Top Team. Brazilians do not take kindly to people who speak poorly of Brazil, even if said person is their teammate.

Covington didn’t back down after receiving a backlash, however. In fact, he doubled-down on his comments the next day. He sent out a mock apology to any filthy animals he may have offended.

YouTube video

Does Colby Covington Really Hate Brazil?

Covington himself has admitted that part of what he’s been doing recently is an act.

“This is a game to me. I’m just having fun with it. I’m just trying to promote and make it fun for the fans. How am I taking criticism from that? Look at what they’re saying to me. Stop having a double standard.”

Brazilian fighters and fans aren’t having any of that, however. Werdum seems to understand Colby is trying to build-up his visibility as a fighter but the 40-year-old former heavyweight champ is unsympathetic.

“I don’t know why he insists in talking about Brazilians. I don’t get it. He wants media, wants to copy Conor McGregor. He looks ridiculous the way he does it. I couldn’t believe when he said that. I hit his phone and he took a step back and kicked me. We started to argue and he continue to scream that Brazilians were animals.”

Joe Rogan Reacts To Werdum Throwing a Boomerang

Granted, the boomerang was not used exactly how the ancient weapon was intended. It did still provide a stirdy block of wood to hit Colby with, however. In general, a boomerang needs to be thrown at someone from a distance to be considered a true weapon. Werdum basically bounced it off the top of his head from close range.

Covington might be angling to get the next welterweight title shot, but every other MMA fan on the planet is probably hoping he takes on someone from Brazil.

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