Joe Rogan blasts the current scoring system in the UFC, but Dana White’s latest post is a lot more bizarre. What the heck is going on in MMA today?

The doors to debate about the current scoring sytem in MMA were once again opened at UFC 195. The main event was an instant classic brawl between Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit, that provided everything the fans had hoped for and more.

When the thrilling final round came to an end, there was a quandary, all of a sudden a division formed between fans and pundits when the judge’s decision was read out. Condit had outlanded Lawler by a large margin, but ‘Ruthless’ undoubtedly had the more damaging shots. Lawler took a split decision, here’s the scorecard:

(Joe Rogan and Dana White’s latest rants on Page 2)


As you can see, Condit nearly doubled the landed strikes that Lawler did, but with his increased output came a much depleted accuracy rate, and he missed 320 strikes over the five round fight.

It seems damage and accuracy defeated volume in this bout, but as mentioned, it’s caused quite the stir in the time since.

(Joe Rogan and Dana White’s latest rants on page 2)


So how have the UFC reacted to this? Well, Joe Rogan is not very happy at all. Bear in mind that he may be finishing working for the UFC in 2016, as he’s already mentioned about not being sure on chasing a new contract for the commentator job.

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